Live One Day at a Time

Live One Day at a Time

We always hear our elders give us this advice – Live One Day at a Time. Whenever someone is in deep distress or depression, then this is one advice you will hear people give. It is important to understand how precious this advice is. It tells you to live one day at a time, in the present, and avoid overthinking about the past or the future. Though it sounds easy to understand, it is one of the most difficult things to do in today’s fast changing world. In this article, we talk about  Live One Day at a Time.

Somebody has wonderfully said “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, while today is a gift and hence it is called “The Present”. Very beautifully and aptly said, which conveys the entire essence of living life one day at a time. We also have a beautiful Christian song, “One day at a time Sweet Jesus“, which is a beautiful song clearly asking God to show the way and give us the strength to do the things that we have to do on daily basis. It is this beautiful thought that we need to understand and apply in our daily lives. Living in the present is Living One Day At a Time.

Live One Day At a Time

Plan your day and set your goals.

There will be a lot of things vying for your attention, but it is time to set goals and prioritize your time. Do not over schedule your tasks or do multitasking. Trying to do too much, too soon will only lead to stress and exhaustion. Properly analyze the time and the tasks that you have at hand, in order to better manage your time.

Also remember that in-spite of properly planning and setting your goals, there will be many occasions wherein you will miss finishing certain “to do’s”. Do not get overwhelmed and distressed, it’s fine if you miss finishing certain tasks. There will be rare occasions when you will finish doing all the tasks on your “to do” list. This will help you Live One Day At a Time.

Learn to live in the present moment.

This is a big challenge for most of us. Many times we are overwhelmed with our daily duties and things to do. In the process, we forget to enjoy many precious moments that will never get repeated again. Things such as smiling at our children, watching the birds chirping, the sunrise in the morning etc., need to be enjoyed and appreciated. It is important to stop and ponder over the countless blessings that you have already received. Being grateful and thankful to God will also radiate peace and happiness from your soul.

Everyday amongst the hustle and bustle of your daily life, ensure that you live and enjoy the present moment. This is a good habit, which will have a lot of health benefits in the future. Many times you see or hear of people suffering from diseases or lying on their death bed lamenting…if only they could get a second chance, they will lead their lives differently and enjoy the small moments of happiness, which they overlooked in the past.

Live One Day At A Time

Accept who you are and be comfortable with it.

Many times, we see people comparing themselves with others. They compare their lives, their children, their houses, their looks, their wealth and other things. All these things add to unhappiness and bitterness.

Remember you are a unique child of God with a divine purpose and calling. It is important to find out your talent and nurture it. In spite of there being more than 5 billion people in the universe, no two human beings are like each other. If God has made you so unique, then definitely he has given you the requisite talents to achieve your purpose in life.

Understand yourself. You have your own strengths and weakness. Build up on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Do things which you are good at and excel in them. This will boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Keep away from unnecessary emotions like worry, anxiety, and anger.

Worry and anxiety lead to stress and burnout. There will be many times during the day when your peace will be challenged but you need to develop the habit of overcoming these symptoms.

Meditating on God’s word (Bible verses) in my case has given me immense peace and calmness. It also gives me the strength and courage to face many difficult situations. Try to take conscious steps to avoid getting angry and disturbed. Someone said that you cannot live a positive life with a negative mind.

Think about your worries and analyze them.

One of the biggest ways to overcome worry is to understand the problem that causes the worry.Define your problem in detail. Think about the worst case scenario and then make a decision based on that. In more than 90% of the cases, the worst case scenario does not happen. It just gives you the confidence to face the situation.Take one day at a time. This will help you to stop worrying and enable you to deal with anxiety effectively. This will help you Live One Day At a Time and take things slow.

Understand a difficult issue or problem in a step by step manner.

Many times we are overwhelmed with a difficult situation. We try to put it off and don’t want to face it. If there is a challenging problem in front of you, then take the following steps –

Learning How to Live One Day At a Time

  • Understand the problem carefully.
  • Find out different options to solve the problem.
  • Take the counsel of a wise friend or family member.
  • Shortlist the top few best options.
  • Select the one which has minimum disadvantages.
  • Be positive and calm with the results.
  • Be patient, take one day a time and you will see results.

Have faith in God and believe in your dreams.

Imagination has got great power. You need to imagine things before it becomes a reality. Everything that you see around including appliances, innovations etc., were somebody’s imagination before it became a reality.

God has given you the power of imagination. Think big and live your dream. You can dream and achieve it. All you need is to trust and have faith in God and work towards the achievement of your dream. Take one day at a time and take the effort to make your dream a reality. It is in your hands. I have heard the famous actor Jim Carey say that he wrote a check to himself of 10 Million$ as his acting fees and wrote the date of Thanksgiving day which was 5 years in the future when he would achieve this milestone. He did this when he was a nobody. Exactly some days before the set date he received his first 10 million$ acting fees for his movie “Dumb and Dumber”.

There are many such examples wherein people have followed their dreams, taken one day at a time and seen positive results in their life. Today, do not be anxious and overwhelmed by difficult situations around you, but take one day at a time.

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Hope you enjoyed this article Live One Day At a Time.

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