How to Stop Being Judgemental

How to Stop Being Judgement

One of the most important things about negative behaviour is being critical and judgemental of others and yourself. There are many reasons wherein relationships become stressful.  In short being critical means passing an opinion on the faults of others. The Bible clearly says that only God has the right to judge. So it is bad to put ourselves on a high pedestal and judge others. In this article, we talk about How to Stop Being Judgemental.

In order to deeply understand this aspect, we need to look at some of the areas in our life. We need to consciously make a decision not to be judgemental by giving critical opinions about others.

How to Stop Being Judgemental

1.Take control of your pride and emotions.

Judgement and criticism are deeply connected to pride.When “I” becomes bigger in your life, then you become high-minded.Remember whenever we excel in any area in our life, it is only because of the Grace of God.Therefore when we have an exaggerated opinion of ourselves, then we tend to look down upon others.It is very easy to fall into this trap and so always be humble and grounded.

2. Avoid passing judgement on others wrongdoings.

In life, you will have many opportunities to forgive others wrongdoings or faults.People including ourselves, commit mistakes all the time. It is important to forgive and let go.Though easier said than done, forgiveness is one of the important pillars to avoid critical judgement.

Always try and answer this one basic question “who am I to judge as it is none of my business”.We cannot stop ourselves from forming an opinion but we can definitely stop ourselves from expressing them. Research has indicated that when you keep thinking about your opinion, again and again, it then becomes judgemental.Your actions won’t change until you renew your mind.

3. Do not criticise and judge others so that you may not be criticised and judged.

We all know that whatever we sow, so shall we reap.If we sow good things then obviously the results are good. Many times we reap the ill-effects of what we have sown in other’s lives.When we criticize and become judgmental of others, we receive the same from other people for our actions. In contrast, when we are more forgiving and humble, we come across forgiving and humble people. Believe it or not, it’s a plain give and take relationship.

4. Start introspection in our lives.

Most of the times, we are so busy criticising others for their wrongdoings that we completely forget about the many wrong things that we continuously do in our lives.First and foremost we cannot change others, only God can change them. At the same time, we ourselves can change only with the help of God.Therefore it is important to have a prayer time and meditate.The first step is to realise and accept the truth that something is wrong at our own end. Then make a conscious effort by making it a habit to avoid critical opinions.

5. Love is very powerful.

Any relationship that is formed on the foundation of love will always flourish. The Bible says “love one another” as this is the second greatest commandment from God. Love works wonders.When you are tempted to criticise, hold back and try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.This simple empathy gesture will hold you back in passing judgement. Walk in love and grace. It means that there will be many situations in which you will be tempted to give your critical opinion, but you need to hold back and instead demonstrate love by giving that person the benefit of doubt and forgiving them.

6. Judging also brings condemnation.

Most of the time we easily overlook our own past mistakes but when the same mistakes are committed by others, we use a magnifying glass and condemn them.A judgemental mind is a result of negative thinking. It means that we focus more on the wrong things than on the right things.You cannot lead a positive life with a negative mind.

7. Always guard your heart and mind to do positive things.

It is said that from a good heart and mind flows positive thoughts and happy actions.Therefore it is important to consciously guard your heart and mind. Stay away from negative thoughts and negative people.When negative, critical and condemning thoughts arise then consciously replace them with positive, happy and encouraging thoughts.When you are determined to lead a positive life then all the negative and condemning thoughts will phase out. Remember it takes daily discipline and effort to build a positive lifestyle.

8. Pleasant and kind words are healing to the mind and body.

Our thoughts are silent words that only we can hear but remember this also has an impact on our body. Good thoughts can lead to joy, happiness and good health while bad thoughts can lead to depression, condemnation, criticism and judgement. Most of the times, the things we think immediately come out of our mouth which then becomes harmful.

Therefore it is very important to bring your thoughts under control and think positively to speak correctly and lead a happy and successful life.This will help you stop being judgemental.

These are some of the easy ways to avoid being critical and judgmental in life. Make a conscious decision to make every effort to stay away from negativity and bring fruitfulness in every area of your life.

Hope you enjoyed this article How to Stop Being Judgemental.

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