Short Inspiring Stories With Morals

Short Inspiring Stories With Morals

Today, we will share some short stories which we hope would inspire you. These are short stories from our day to day lives which have made an impact on us. In this article, we have Short Inspiring Stories With Morals.

Short Inspiring Stories With Morals

Praise is the key to good behavior

Seema was newly married and stayed with her in-laws. Her in-laws were conservative with strict schedules. She was happy with her husband and her in-laws. Except for her mother-in-law, everyone was kind and loving. Her mother-in-law was a strict disciplinarian.

One day Seema received a phone call that her best friend and her husband were visiting Mumbai the next day. Due to their sudden decision, they were not able to find any hotel rooms and had requested her to accommodate them for two days. Seema could not say no and agreed to their request.

Now, she was worried as to how her in-laws would react. She informed them about her friend’s plans and asked for their permission. Though her mother-in-law reluctantly gave her permission, Seema was worried about her behavior with her friends.

As she pondered over the situation, she remembered her mother’s words “Praise “. The next day when her friend and her husband arrived, she took them straight to her mother-in-law and introduced her as a very loving, caring and disciplined person. She further went on to praise her mother-in-law for taking good care of the house and bringing up her children in a disciplined manner. The next two days went by peacefully as her mother-in-law lived up to every expectation that Seema had described.

Moral of the story: A little bit of praise can help us get our jobs done easily. “Praise and be raised, Complain and Remain”.

 Hard work and success go hand in hand.

Ria was in her early forties. She had lost her husband recently and was in a state of shock. She was staring at a bleak financial future for herself and her two young children.

All she had was a simple secretarial degree, but she had not worked for a good 15 years now.  She started looking for jobs by giving interviews, meeting friends, visiting placement agencies but nothing seems to work for her. Nobody really wanted a middle aged woman without any hands-on experience as a secretary. She was sad and desperate for any job.

One day she told her friend about a secretarial job in her company. Her friend said that it was a bad choice since the director was a hard task master. He expected his secretary to work for more than 16 hours, with utmost efficiency. He was cruel and condemned everyone around him. She was warned that nobody remained in the job for more than 2 days and told her not to go for this interview.

Ria was desperate, she had two young children at home and needed money for her day to day expenses. She went for the interview and as there were not many candidates to choose from, the director selected her.

Ria went on to work for the director for next twenty years of her life. She was promoted to the highest designation in the administration department – Director of administration. When she was asked as to how she was able to cope with such a demanding boss, her reply was that she was desperate to make a living for her family. All she wanted was stability and security for her children and so no amount of hard work or obstacles could come in the way of attaining her goal.

Moral of the story: Hard work and focus on the goal will lead you to success.

Count your blessings and not your pain.

Aditi was very happy with her life. She was married to a very supportive husband. Soon they have blessed with a baby boy and their world was complete. After the initial excitement, they found out that their child was profoundly deaf. After visiting many doctors and specialists, there was no ray of hope except for a cochlear implant surgery.

This surgery was costing lakhs of rupees, which was beyond the reach of their middle-class salary. Aditi gave up her job to be a full-time mother and take care of her son Rohan. Daily she traveled 2 hours each way, just to take Rohan to a speech therapist so that he responds.

She never gave up. Both she and her husband decided that they will do the best for their son Rohan. They were a thankful and grateful couple who prayed fervently to God. They always saw the brighter side of life, by counting their blessings each day and thanking God for their child and His Grace on their life.

Things changed, for when God is on your side, no one can be against you. Aditi’s husband moved to America for better job prospects. They got complete insurance help for getting their son’s cochlear implant surgery. As time passed, things began to get better and better. Today Rohan is 18 years old, a well brought up and responsible adult, who is studying engineering, loves to read and also excels in sports like rugby.

Aditi and her husband are proud parents of Rohan, who overcame all adversity and trusted in God.

Moral of the story: Don’t give up, count your blessings daily and thank God. There is always light at the end of the dark tunnel.

The sweet story of the Parsi settling in India.

When the Parsis were persecuted by the Persian Empire, they traveled all the way by boat and landed at Sanjan in Gujarat. The moment they landed they requested the King Jadi Rana to grant them asylum so that their community could peacefully settle there.

However, the king was already troubled with the size of his own population and did not want more people. In response to their asylum request, the king sent a glass full of milk indicating that there was no place for them in his kingdom.

The Parsi leader was not at all disappointed with the King’s response, but instead, he just added some sugar to the milk and sent it back to the King.

The king was very happy with the response of the Parsi leader. The Parsi leader had wisely answered the King by explaining that his community would not add people and be a burden to the King, but instead, they would add sweetness to the existing lives of his people.

Moral of the Story: You can enrich lives of other people by your wisdom and sweetness.

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