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I) Groups

Groups mainly comprise of people having similar interest and love for a particular activity. They share their knowledge and experiences regarding the subject. Every group will have an Admin who will oversee the discussionsof the group. Members can join the group and start discussions. To begin with, we will have the following groups and more will be added.

1) Smart foodies

This group is for smart foodies who love different cusines. We will post interesting recipes of Indian food and also recipes of other interesting cuisines from all over the world. There would be recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, easy desserts and mealsthat can be easily made with home based ingredients. We encourage comments and tips to enhance our recipes.More importantly, we encourage members of this group to engage and contribute by sharing their own interesting food experiences and recipes and more importantly engage in a discussion as appropriate.

2) Smart Parenting

This group is for parents who wish to share their experiences in parenting and also share their views and opinion in bringing up children in the current high technology age. Parents also share their mistakes, joys and happiness in bringing up their children. We learn from others experiencesbesides sharing our own thereby making this journey a happy one.

3) Inspiration

This group is for everyone. The main aim of this group is to inspire people to live a positive and happy life. We will share some incredible stories,which have touched and changed the lives of people. We will also be sharingarticles which can impact and improve your personal life. Also, if you have stories that have inspired and changed you to lead a positive life or if you know of other people’s stories that have inspired and changed them to lead a positive life, we would love to hear from you.More importantly it would be interesting to engage in a discussion as appropriate.

II) Discussions

Discussions are forum discussions wherein you read an article and share your views on the same. Most of these discussions will be below the article published. Everyone will be able to contribute and share their views and opinions on the subject. Discussions will help get a broader perspective on the subject matter. These articles will be across various categories.

Also, there could be discussions initiated by members on any topics, other than the articles written. These topics could be around current affairs or and trending topics etc. Any member can start a discussion and others can join in with their views.

The broad categories we will start with are:

    • Parenting
    • Inspiration
    • Health and Fitness
    • Lifestyle
    • Smart Buying
    • Smart deals of the day.

III) Chat

Chat is only for members to chat online in real time.

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