Pricilla Dsouza (Founder)

I am Pricilla D’souza, mother of two lovely daughters and wife of a fantastic supportive husband. I have done my MBA in Finance and also my Master’s in Accounts and enjoyed working in the Corporate World for 15 years. I live with my family in Mumbai. With the birth of my second daughter, I decided to be a homemaker and take care of my lovely daughters.

I enjoy reading, writing and trying out new recipes. I also love to write on areas which form an integral part of our day to day life.

We as a team along with our guest editors endeavour to publish an article daily, which would provide useful information which we believe will touch the lives of millions.

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Lucy Baxter (CEO)

Lucy Baxter is a chemist with a deep interest in what makes the world work. She has a bachelors degree in Engineering. Her hobbies include reading, playing board games and debating philosophy. She is a life hacker (in the literal sense), enjoys tinkering with the computer and loves to code. Her current place of residence is Mumbai, but every weekend she is off gallivanting to all the famous and not so very famous tourist and hiking spots around Mumbai. She is also a Big Foodie who loves to try out new and interesting cuisine and blogs extensively about her foodscapes in SmartFoodies.

She loves to write about technology, cybersecurity and nutrition. You can read them at the Smart Archives.



Calista Reynold Miranda (Associate Editor and Content Producer)

Calista is a single mother of two sons. Her Elder son is a special child with Down syndrome and autism. Seven years back she lost her beloved husband to cancer. After working for seventeen years in some of the leading corporate offices in Mumbai, she is now a devoted homemaker. She loves to share her experience on various topics like parenting , mainstreaming of special children, family adjustments and inculcating values. In her spare time she loves cooking ,gardening and spending quality time with her two children.

She has strongly come out smiling from every difficult and challenging situations in her life by grace of God. Most of her articles deal with real life challenging situations which are inspiring and encouraging to others. We are very privileged to be associated with her.


Leandra (Associate Editor and Content Producer)

Hey there!! I am Leandra and the girl behind this little home bound bakery – Lee’s Delicacee’sin Mumbai, which has evolved from my passion and love for food and baking <3 I was fairly certain at the age of 12 that it was sugar, not oxygen that my blood pumps ;-). I grew up in a family being a part of some of the best homemade delicacies I have tasted. These were passed on from generations – my great grandmother to my grandmother and then to my mother. With these amazing women running through my home, it was impossible for food and cakes to not become the centre of my life. I remember as a child how I loved watching cookery shows on TV, collect recipes from magazines and newspaper with the hope of trying and experimenting them someday in my kitchen. At my early age, food was what kept me going. I loved cooking and trying different recipes at home. On the contrary, baking is something I never wanted to try my hands at. I felt it too complicated so I simply loved eating them, when my mother baked some delicious goodies! I always wanted to be a CHEF, but somehow could never get into it at the right time. I graduated as a second ranker in BSC. Computer Science, but it never got my interest.Thanks to a lovely family member who convinced my parents that it was never too late to move into something I loved doing. It was difficult to convince them at first, but finally I succeeded! I went ahead to pursue my culinary studies from the land of hospitality – Switzerland. I got an amazing opportunity to learn international cuisines and play around with food. Constantly being exposed to a number of desserts and bakes, soon it became an integral part of my learning. I wanted to learn and explore more into baking, but never had the chance to back there. So back in Mumbai, having worked with Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach for almost 2 years, which I decided to quit! I was at the peak of my career and I decided to quit, indeed a big risk! But 3 years down the line, today I feel it was worth the risk! The never ending love love for food, cakes and desserts and the urge to always create something new has led me to the setup of this new venture. Though being a CHEF, I never got a chance to pursue knowledge and experience in the bakery and patisserie world. Instead I proudly call myself a trial and error,self taught, SUGAR ADDICT !! My thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. Every single day is the beginning of a new learning. Lee’s Delicacee’s is a small bakery run by me solely, but with constant help and support from my family.  We specialize in personalizing your dream come true cakes for every occasion. Be it a wedding cake a birthday cake or a special gift to a special someone, we offer an amazing variety of cakes and desserts to suit your occasion. All are cakes are strictly made to order and are baked fresh from scratch with the finest ingredients and the highest quality. We take great pleasure in customizing cakes, desserts, take away and even materials to go with your special occasion. (PAPER BUNTINGS, FOOD TAGS, WEDDING CAKE STANDS, TOPPERS etcpersonally designed by us) Give us a chance to sweeten your taste buds and you will crave only MORE!!

Joanna Dsouza

Joanna Anthony D’Souza  (Content Producer)

I am Joanna Anthony D’souza, originally From Kurla West Mumbai and I’m very passionate about cooking traditional East Indian Food. Cooking has always given me great joy. East Indian cuisine is a mix of  Maharashtran, Portuguese and British cooking techniques which use a lot of aromatic spices.

 My sole purpose is to share the knowledge of traditional East Indian cooking to the new generation, both in India and abroad, in order to preserve the east Indian culture and culinary techniques. Most of the younger generation today is not fortunate enough to have elders and loved ones to teach them how to prepare traditional East Indian food.

The recipes I share here have been passed down from generation to generation. I sincerely wish you try out some of these traditional recipes and I am sure you will relish the East Indian Cuisine.



 Yolanda  Jane Pereira E Vaz (Director and Content Producer)

I am Yolanda  Jane Pereira E Vaz, I have a degree in Hotel Management from T John College Bangalore, moved into the BPO sector and enjoyed working with Mphasis for 8 years for a UK process, quit the BPO sector in 2010 to start the next journey of my life which was marriage and moved to Mumbai in 2011. I live with my husband Sherwin Vaz, who runs a catering company, which I help on occasions besides working in the travel industry. Together we try and help each other. Besides these I also am a part time Insurance Advisor with a reputable company. I love reading, however have not got the chance to catch up on my reading, have a list of books that I would love to read maybe soon. In addition love to listen to music and do enjoy cooking and try my hands on new recipes. I am happy to be a part of Smart woman’s world.

Ninette Dsouza

I am Ninette Dsouza, currently employed at Canossa High School, Mahim, Mumbai, as a Teacher of High School Mathematics and Science.

For me teaching is a Vocation — a call I answered way back in 1987, when I was formally trained at STIE – St. Teresa’s Institute of Education, Santa Cruz, Mumbai. It is a humbling thought that for the past so many years I have impacted society by nurturing the countless hearts and minds that were mine to mould or mar and will continue to be for a few years more.

While I recognize that only God will help the children whose lives I touch to grow and develop, I also believe that He chooses ‘Teachers’ to help Him, so that this mingling of the human with the divine will help the children to blossom into the wonderful persons God created them to be. Hence each day as I set off for school I say “Thank You God”for making me a Co – Creator in your scheme of things.

Amidst the rumblings one hears within the Teaching fraternity, what keeps me going is, a message, a wish, a greeting, a call, a visit from grateful ex – students who despite having scaled peaks in their respective careers come back full of gratitude to their Teacher in school. It feels great to have the current students tell me in surprise that I have taught their mothers or aunts who can’t wait to meet me on Open Day.

Believe me when I say that it is this daily interaction with living beings whose 100 watts smiles banish those Monday Morning Blues that keeps a Teacher always young at heart.


Tilottama Roy

Hi, I am Tilottama Roy , and I am currently living in Mumbai, for the last 8 years. I am also the mother of two lovely children. A son of 9 years atilotamand a daughter of 19! My husband and I are very passionate about music, food and socializing. Of course, we both love entertaining friends at home, more often , than going out. Having completed my entire academic background ( M.A in Sociology/PG diploma in PR, Advertising and Journalism) from Kolkata, I embarked on the journey of marriage , which got me to Mumbai, in the first place. I did have my apprehensions, but like everyone else, managed to let the city grow on me. Ever since that, have been in and out of Mumbai, for the last 21 years. Now, here to stay… I started my career in Advertising, (Copywriting), but due to long hours, and after the birth of my first child, like many mothers ,I quit. Instead, I pursued my B.Ed to get into Teaching. The need to share , do and inculcate, took me on this adventure of exploring the classroom and young minds. Ever since, it has been a pleasant and fulfilling journey. Currently, I am teaching at a Rudolf Steiner School, which advocates the philosophy, of “Learning by Doing”. I teach my subject, Sociology for grade 11 and 12. The art of writing, penning thoughts, insights, and expressing myself, has always been my forte and my most enriching experience personally. I like to dabble in culture, human life, social issues,music, cultures, so on and so forth. I feel, it gives me a window to not only express my self, but also know who I am! So, here I am. Quenching my thirst of writing and sharing , all I instinctively care and feel about. Last, but not the least ; A big thank you, to all my Smart Woman World friends and readers. Keep writing.Keep reading! Keep sharing ?

Sasmita Kant Maurya

Sasmita is a management educator by profession and a volunteer teacher with an NGO by choice. She is married to a plastic surgeon dressed in olive-gresasmitaen and has two sons. They have supported her in all her pursuits and in her words, “My boys have spoilt me!”

Sasmita loves books, kids and all things creative. She moonlights as a voice-over artist for a children’s ezine and also likes to share her learnings and life experiences. She believes that we can learn something new everyday.

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