How To Overcome Confusion In Your Life

How To Overcome Confusion In Your Life

Many people are confused about different things due to the flurry of activities ongoing around them. Wondering and confusion are closely related. Too much of wondering leads to confusion, doubt, and indecisiveness. It is important to understand how we can overcome this wondering and confusion of the mind. Most of the time people are in two minds about making a decision, but at the same time with proper rational understanding, you will be in a position to take proper decisions. In this article, we talk about How To Overcome Confusion In Your Life.

We see confusion all around us. Women are confused about buying things when shopping, while young children are confused about deciding on their toys, games, food etc. It is fine to be confused for a small amount of time, but if you are confused about everything all the time, then you need to take steps to address it.

How To Overcome Confusion In Your Life

  1. Do not do too much of reasoning.

One of the main reasons for confusion is over reasoning. When people try to get into the detail and find out the “why” behind that decision, your mind tries to revolve around the situation or issue again and again attempting to understand all the intricate details. In this process, we get more confused and further move away from taking a decision.

Therefore it is important to listen to your inner conscience frequently.  Your conscience will help you in taking the right decision even if it might not be logical or make any sense.

2. Do not delay in taking a decision

Once you are aware of the problem, think about it wisely. Take wise counsel from trusted people around you and finally take the decision. Do not give too many options or solutions for solving the problem. Shortlist 2 or 3 solutions that will help you in taking a faster decision.

3. Take decisions which are good for your future even if you don’t like them.

Most of the time after rational thinking of the problem, you will find a couple of clear solutions to the problem. As these solutions are not the ones you like, you start reasoning and trying to find other solutions. It is important to face the truth and make decisions that will be good for your future.

4. Trust God and not human reasoning.

Though this might not sound too good for a rational mind, it is important to know a simple fact that we cannot possibly know every detail of every situation, it is just not possible.There is a supreme God who is in control of everything and he speaks to you all the time. So it important to hear the still voice from within, which will help you to take proper decisions.

In my case meditating on Bible verses give me the strength and clarity for doing things. It is important to remove all the clutter, noise and hear the voice of your conscience. For e.g., if you spend time in prayer, you will be able to hear Gods voice which is like fine-tuning the radio frequency till you are correctly tuned in.

Moreover, human mind likes logic, order and proper understanding. We do not take decisions which we do not understand. But in reality, sometimes, even a decision taken with proper understanding can go wrong. As you know many successful people have always reiterated that they have taken decisions on the basis of their gut feeling even though it seemed totally illogical. 

5. Avoid doubt and negativity.

Doubt leads to more confusion. Many people have doubtful attitudes. It all starts with a thought in your mind. You have the choice to believe it or ignore it. It is important to encourage positive and life-giving thoughts as these will remove doubts and confusion. Remember negativity comes from wrong thoughts. Consciously make it a habit to think positive thoughts which result in positive actions. 

6. Avoid worry and anxiety.

When you are more worried or anxious, you tend to get confused. Getting worried and anxious does not resolve any issues. It only makes matters worse due to the lack of peace in taking a decision. Make a conscious choice of avoiding unnecessary worry and anxiety. Calmly understand and respond to the situation in order to avoid confusion. 

7. Break down the problem and take one day at a time.

When people are faced with a hugely complex problem, they tend to get confused. It is therefore important to break down the complex problem and simplify it. By breaking down the problem, you are able to understand it clearly and take appropriate decisions. Complex problems often lead to confusion.

These are some of the important steps to avoid confusion in the mind. Today most people face doubt and confusion in their day to day lives. It is only when this doubt and confusion is excessive, it causes major problems in their lives. Take small steps to build your confidence which will help you live a positive healthy life. We would encourage you to take these steps to avoid confusion in your mind.

Hope you enjoyed this article How To Overcome Confusion In Your Life.

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