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This is My Story, this is My Song…..

Today when I look around and find women juggling their jobs, careers and homes, I look at them with a sense of awe. But let me tell you that as a homemaker, You too are special and capable of doing much more. This very thought drove me to do something meaningful that would add value to the lives of women – both working and homemakers.

I am Pricilla Dsouza , mother of two lovely daughters, wife of a fantastic supportive husband and not to forget the different roles that I play as a – daughter, a daughter in law (though i prefer in this case to call myself a daughter by Grace of God ), a sister, a friend and many more.

My Corporate journey began when I completed my MCom & MBA and then went on to work in leading financial institutions for the next 15 years.

During this journey I got married and was blessed with our first daughter after which I was faced with every mother’s dilemma of not being able to devote enough time to my daughter owing to professional commitments. After 5 years, due to this dilemma and other family commitments, I decided to call it quits. It was at this point in time when I was blessed with my second daughter.

In both cases, it was a complete different set of feelings and Experience. In the case of my first daughter, it was a feeling of being hard pressed for time, guilt that my daughter was being neglected because of my professional commitments. However, the flip side was that I had a great professional career and with it came financial independence.

By the time I had my second child I had quit the Corporate world and thus had a very relaxed maternity period, enjoying motherhood, taking time to see my daughter grow up, waiting at the bus stop to pick both my daughters up from school, helping them in their projects and music lessons etc AND watch the world go by. While this was very fulfilling both emotionally and personally, at times there was that guilt feeling of not leveraging my educational qualifications and work experience to its full potential.

As I looked around and talked with other Women, I realized that I was not the Only One who shared these sentiments and each Woman had her Own Unique Story to tell.

This led to the Genesis of “Smart Woman World”. As the name suggest, I truly believe that all women are inherently Smart and Blessed with great virtues such as love, care, wise decision making, inner strength, keeping the family together in tough times etc.

So friends let each of us contribute in our Own Special way and make our world a “Smart Woman World”.

To share Your Unique Story or Experience do write to us at [email protected] and we would be Happy to hear from you.

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