Toxic Thoughts

Toxic Thoughts


Modern Research and experts say that around 80% to 90% of your illnesses are a direct result of your thoughts. That seems to be an alarmingly high rate. What thoughts we have, directly affects our physical and emotional well-being. In this article, we talk about getting rid of Toxic Thoughts.

Fear is one of the root causes of having wrong thoughts, which further leads to losing your mental peace and joy. Medically diseases like cancer are directly related to forgiveness and strife. Negative thoughts have become so much part of our life that we just feel it’s normal.

Toxic thoughts lead to collecting toxic garbage in our body, which in turn results in diseases like cancer, diabetes, skin allergies and much more. It is thus very important to lead a positive life by controlling our thought process and by detoxing the brain.

Leading a positive life is not easy, but it is a lifestyle and habit which needs to be cultivated. Your mind is constantly bombarded with millions of thoughts and far too many of these thoughts are harmful and bad thoughts. We need to consciously make an effort to analyze each and every thought and then either reject or accept it. Though it may seem impossible, you can do it by creating a habit of thinking positively in life. Many thoughts originate from fear.

Toxic Thoughts

For e.g.

  1. How many “could have” “should have “and would have” statements have you asked which are far from reality.
  2.  Till now how many speculations you have made?
  3. How many times you have replayed the entire sequence of events or conversations that have pained you, leading to un-forgiveness.
  4.  And how honest are you to make a decision to change or accept your mistakes?
  5. Have you worried about an unpredictable future.
  6. Are you overthinking of situations that have not happened or may not happen?
  7. What is your language? Is it kind, positive and faith filled or you keep speaking negativity throughout the day.

There are many questions that we can line-up. But the above are just a few, which should make you think about our thought life.

Now let us look at the 7 Quick ways to get rid of toxic thoughts.

Always trying to be perfect.

Nobody is perfect in the world. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. If you try to be perfect, then you will always have a sense of not being up to the mark. You will be unhappy about what you have not achieved and thus you would not be able to enjoy what you have accomplished. Never keep your goal to be perfect in order to achieve success.

Do not try to change people and circumstances around you.

Most of the strife and bitterness is a result of not getting along with other people around you. You get offended with their views and are unable to forget and forgive them. This leads to building up of wrong thoughts, by replaying the same situations over and over again in your mind.

Avoid build-up of toxic thoughts and let go of wrong emotions and thoughts. Consciously make a decision to forgive. The Bible clearly says in the Father’s prayer – “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us “. God knows what’s good for your body and so he is asking us to forgive others of their wrong doings before he can forgive us of our wrong doings.

You can have strong disagreements of views, but they need to be cordial.

Do not blame your destiny.

Life is full of surprises, sometimes good but most of the time challenging and tough. It is important not to blame your destiny or people around you for your failure. Your destiny lies in your own hand. You choose to be positive by encouraging good thoughts, which will eventually lead to a healthy and successful life.

Don’t let your happiness depend on other people.

Most of us get affected by the reactions of people around us. You need constant affirmations and positive feedback from your family, friends, and peers. Remember, in life, you will meet different kinds of people who will not be encouraging or supportive.

It is important not to let your happiness depend on other people’s reaction. Remove all the wrong thoughts that come from these interactions. Never let toxic thoughts gain a foothold in your thought life.

Don’t wait for an approval from others.

It is important that you take a correct and rational decision without waiting for any approval from your social circle. Whenever people give their opinions, analyze and think about them and then take an appropriate decision.

Do not always depend upon confirmations and approval from other people. You need to be confident and filled with self- esteem as this will be a reflection of your inner self.

Over thinking of your past and the future.

Many a time our past failures are a stumbling block to our future. Constant failures due to wrong decisions can erode our self-confidence. Remember failures are a stepping stone to success. Successful people have faced many failures in life just like everybody else, the only difference being that they were quick to rise up and start again.

It is important not to constantly think about your past mistakes and to avoid taking any risks in the future. All you need is to calmly analyze the given situation and make a wise informed choice.

Stop being overly emotional.

Stop letting emotions rule your life. You need to be wise in understanding that if you allow emotions to rule, then you will always be sad, dissatisfied and bitter. Have a disciplined approach to things in life. For e.g. if you are angry about some things then don’t let your emotions spill over to other people around you, it will only cause more distress. Though it is easier said than done, it is important to consciously keep our emotions under control.

Hope you enjoyed this article on Toxic Thoughts. Please read our earlier article Think and Speak Positively to impact your life
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