Easy ways to simplify your life

Most people live a very complicated life which leaves them tired, confused and worn out. There are days when you have a big “to do” list and nothing seems to get done. It is your decision to make your life fruitful, fulfilled, peaceful, healthy and happy. Be determined to make this decision work, leading to a simplified life. It is very easy to get caught up in the worries of life and make your life more complicated and frustrated.

The change needs to start with Yourself. It is not life or people around you or the daunting circumstances that can change or simplify your life, but it is your attitude and response towards these situations that will change your life. Most of the time, we try to impress everyone but ourselves and get caught in an unending chain of frustration and weariness.

Today, let’s look at some of the ways which will help us simplify our lives, which in turn will increase and release joy around us. If we are able to incorporate at least some of these changes, then the quality of our lives can improve drastically.

Here are some easy ways to simplify your life.

 Do One thing at a time

Most of the time, we are doing too many things at one time, leading to no complete focus or strength in fulfilling that task. The ability to concentrate and stay focussed can only come from discipline. Anxious people are always trying to do more and live life ahead of where they are currently. Live one day at a time, enjoy your moment and live life today, as for tomorrow it will be history. In understanding this deep truth, you will trust God more for his ability to supply all your needs and enjoy your daily moments without rushing.

Always be satisfied with what you have

I read somewhere that “Contentment is not the fulfilment of what you want, but the realization of what you already have”. It is so true. In today’s fast world, people crave for more and more. We are just not satisfied with what we already have. The result is that you are constantly struggling to get more and in the process you forget to enjoy what you already have. It seems foolish, but we see that happening all around us.

Simple people do not have everything but they are satisfied with what they have and believe that God will provide them with everything they need, in due course of time. Always ask God for what you want and believe that He will give it to you if it is right for you, in his time. Remember life is a journey and not a destination. Those who want to enjoy life must also learn to wait and trust God.

In fact, the more we have, the more we work towards taking care of it.

Be a blessing to people around you

It is important to know that if we have the correct attitude towards money and other material things, we can use it to bless people. In my case, reading God’s word (Bible) has given me the knowledge and understanding of how to be prosperous and at the same time be a blessing to people around me.  Giving to others is not only a source of joy to others but to me as well. The more I give, the happier I am, thus leading to an unending chain of peace, joy, good health, blessings of God and deep satisfaction. It has improved my health and peace and I would encourage you to try it.

Refuse to worry about the future

Most of the time, people have taken too much responsibility about tomorrow by excessive working, thinking and planning. In short they are complicating their today by planning and gathering for their provision for tomorrow. If you think deeply, you will agree that you do not know what will happen to you the very next moment. Each day already has all that we can handle and that’s all that we are supposed to do. Tomorrow is a new day and so if we think of all future problems and threatening situations, then it is obvious that you will be overwhelmed. Trying to live tomorrow today will only complicate your today. Make your life simple by not being anxious and worried but by trusting in God.

 It is important to say No

It is easy to fall into the trap of being a people pleaser all the time. Remember, you cannot say “yes” to all people all the time. This will complicate your life and leave your energy drained out. It is important to be assertive and start saying “No” when needed. Our hearts say “No” but our mouths mutter “yes”, for the fear of rejection. People are of different types and they expect different things in order to be happy. You just cannot keep all people happy, all the time. In this process you will lose your own life and your joy. It is important to make a conscious decision and say ”No” whenever required. This will de-clutter your life and you will find joy in doing things that add value to your life.

 Do not Judge people

I love what Mother Teresa said “If you judge people, you have no time to love them”. These words give a deep revelation. Many a time we are quick to judge other people without knowing their circumstances or troubles. Remember each time we pass judgement we are sowing those seeds in our lives as well. If we are critical and merciless then we reap the results of that in our lives as well. As an old saying goes “Do kindness all the time and it will come back to you”. What we sow, we shall reap. Be humble and have a forgiving attitude which will simplify your life.

Get your priorities right

It is always important to get your priorities right. Most of the time in life, we do the second thing first leading to lack of success. Life will bring us at a crossroad of decision making wherein we will have to take tough decisions. At this point it is important to take wise decisions.

It means that you will have to sacrifice something today for a better tomorrow. For e.g., investing your money wisely. You need to invest your money where it will grow and multiply for your future needs. Most of the time people do not save their money for tough time and then struggle. It is important not to take decisions based of emotions, which may gratify you immediately but you will lose out in the long run. It is also important not to follow others blindly. What is good for them may not be good for you.

Priorities will always have order in your life. It means you will have to prioritize No and so on and so forth. It is interesting to find that those who pray and seek God first in their life are always led to take wise decisions.

 Avoid taking loans

Loans or financial debts always lead to a stressful life. Debt always places pressure on the borrower and makes life complicated. In today’s world, where you have loans sanctioned in less than 5 minutes, there is always that advertisement which will tempt you to buy now and pay later. People want to live for the moment and enjoy life but remember it is also a fact that tomorrow will come and then you have to deal with the result of what you did today.

Sometime people do impulsive shopping and they end up buying a product which is never utilized. However they end up paying huge amounts of money as EMI’s. Follow a simple rule in your finances, give some, save some and spend some. By following this you will be within your boundaries. If you are already in debt, do not increase your debt more but try and make sacrifices and pay off your debt as soon as possible. It might be tough in the beginning, but soon you will feel the freedom of a loan free life which is very exciting and stress free.

These are some of the ways of simplifying life by making conscious decisions today for a better tomorrow.

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