Designing your childs bedroom

In today’s world, every child wants their room to reflect their dreams and imaginations. There are various themes that are offered in the markets. These themes range from Jungle Book, Fairy tales, Mermaid, Cinderella room, spaceship etc. And most of the times these themes are extremely costly and not pocket friendly.

Today, we will look at some of the cheaper and creative options that can make your child’s room extremely exciting without being expensive.

When you are doing up your child’s room, you need to take their feedback, likes, dislikes and choices. By getting your child involved in doing up their room, you will be able to create enthusiasm and excitement in designing the room.

Childrens appartment

Some of the important things to keep in mind while designing a child’s room are:


Colour the walls with light pastel shades. The lower part of the wall, around 3 feet high, should be covered with plain white wallpaper or drawing paper which can be washable. This will act as a blank canvas and encourage him to draw, colour and paint and will be an outlet for his creativity. This is ever changing and you can clean it or remove it once dirty.

Painting or Art works

Any painting or artworks created by your child might be displayed in his room. This will add on to the personal touch of your child in the room.

Collage of your children’s photos

A collage of your child’s childhood photos or any other photo’s will look refreshing and bring back good childhood memories. You can take digital printouts and pin them up on the soft board.


Furniture is an important component of your child’s room. It is good to have minimum and user friendly furniture in your child’s room. Some of the things that should be kept in mind are:

  • Have a low bed or couch with mattresses to avoid any fall or injuries.
  • Small cushions and bolsters can be easily used for the dual purpose of studying and also sleeping.
  • Simple small low level stools with cushions on them can be used.
  • Comfortable bean bags are another good option.
  • You can conceptualize your furniture and get it done cheaply from the neighborhood carpenter
  • You can stitch a rug with all your old clothes, bed sheets or curtains and make a striking symmetrical patches rug.

Storage Space

Storage space in child’s room is very important. Adequate storage space should be provided for toys, soft toys, school books,stationary and clothes. Some of the cheap ideas for storage space are as follows:

  • Cardboard boxes offer a good option for storing toys. They always come handy for storing all the toys which are spilling out of the storage areas.
  • Huge Plastic bags and cloth bags can be used to keep day today things.
  • Make your shoe box innovative by colouring it and keeping crayons, colors, pens and other stationary.
  • Big size handicraft wall hangings with big pockets are easily available to store small things behind the door. 

Potted Plants

Easy growing indoor plants or window hanging plants give a feeling of freshness in the room. Your child will enjoy watching the plants grow.

So above are some of the easy and cheap ways of decorating your child’s room. Remember as a mother you can show your love by doing these small things which will definitely be loved and appreciated by your children.

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