Start The New Year Off Right

Start The New Year Off Right

Soon the year will come to an end. With Christmas celebrations over, we are in the last week of the year. It is a time to sit and reflect on things that have happened in the last year – good, bad and nothing eventful. As we ponder over these things, we will see a lot of areas of improvement, wherein a wise choice would have made a whole lot of difference in your life. In this article we talk about ways to Start The New Year Off Right.

Start The New Year Off Right

Set the right expectations and believe in yourself.

Most of the time, we regret not doings things or not taking on opportunities. Only if we had listened to our heart and our intuition, we would have had marvellous success. Unbelief and fear is one of the major hindrances in believing in ourselves. Start your new year by making a wise choice of setting the right expectations for yourself. Give yourself that push to accelerate and believe that you can do greater and bigger things.

 A proper health schedule should be a priority.

Most of us will start the New Year by making health and fitness resolutions. Extreme diets, strenuous fitness schedules will be adhered to in the first few weeks or maximum in the first month of the year. But soon everything becomes history and we get back into the routine.

Health is one of the most important areas to focus on in your life. If you are not healthy, then you will not be able to enjoy life to the fullest. So start doing small things which are listed below.

  1. Get a full 8 hours of sleep.
  2. Ensure that you eat healthy and nutritious meals. Make informed choices of avoiding oil, sugar and processed foods.
  3. Set a fitness schedule which can be consistently followed.
  4. Avoid extreme diets and rigorous exercises. Do what suits your body.
  5. Spend time away from your electronic gadgets like mobiles, Internet or TV and get into the habit of reading books, listening to music or just a plain nature walk.
  6. Maintain your personal hygiene like oral, body and hair care.
  7. Drink more water and hydrate your body sufficiently.
  8. Detox your body by fasting and eating lots of fresh vegetables and juices.

 Do something fresh and new.

Most of the time, we have a set routine. And for many years we are very comfortable with our daily routine activities. It is time to get some fresh new ideas, try some new things which you have never done before. This will bring enthusiasm back into your life. They need not be great or extremely foolish things, but things that will give you a sense of fulfilment in life. For e.g., try some new dishes which you have never eaten before, new recipes, a new look for your wardrobe or simply learning a new musical instrument or joining an aerobic or swimming class.

Just breaking away from the routine will bring the zing and freshness back into your life. You will be more open-minded to listen to others point of view and it will give you a sense of satisfaction and joy.

Spending time with family and loved ones.

In the modern advanced world, this is one area that almost every family is challenged. Set aside a specific time of the day and also weekends for family activities. It can be time for a simple dinner, daily prayer time or just half an hour of chatting and knowing about your children’s day.

Children need your love and attention to feel loved and cared for. Your time cannot be compensated with any amount of worldly gifts or gadgets. Remember if you sow time in instilling values in your children, you will soon see the harvest. Make a conscious effort to set aside time to spend with your family and loved ones. Families who communicate and share with each other are more mentally strong to face the outside world.

Have an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness.

An attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness will go a long way in changing and transforming your life. Modern Research has suggested that thankfulness removes bitterness and strife from your heart, resulting in living a stress free life. Stress is an important factor which leads to many diseases. Studies have indicated that people who write thankful notes or gratitude diaries are more happy that a large section of other people.

Praying and meditating on God’s word (in my case the Bible), helps you to be thankful and grateful to God. It is just like a mind exercise that you need to do daily. So thank people around you and express your gratitude to them. It starts right from where you are i.e. your home, liftman, security guard, mall attendant etc. Remember saying thank you strengthens you and is good for your health.

 Volunteer your time to those hurting around you.

It is a good time to share your time, talent and money to all who are hurting, lonely, depressed and have no hope. It is by giving that you will be blessed. Make time to do this with your children as they will learn a lot from these practical experiences. With life being more commercialised, children take a lot of things for granted. When you show them the way to love, share and care, you are instilling in them values that will keep them grounded in their adult life.

Set goals to achieve and finish uncompleted past things.

Focus and prioritise important things. Try to finish things that you have started but could not complete due to lack of time. Rearrange and prioritise these things. It is not going to happen in one big moment by making a new year resolution at the starting of the year. But if you are focused and consistent then change will happen in thousands of little moments of making those difficult right choices.

Finally, the New Year is a new beginning and you get one more chance to live your life right, by making wise decisions.

These are some good and inspiring ways to start your new year differently.

Hope you enjoyed this article Start The New Year Off Right. Please read our earlier article Think and Speak Positively. 

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