How to Manage Your Weight

How to Manage Your Weight

Today, many people struggle to maintain a healthy weight. In this article we talk about How to Manage Your Weight in 12 simple ways.

The root cause of many  diseases is overweight or obesity. However we can maintain a healthy weight by adhering to some simple basic rules.Many of these rules are good habits that we need to acquire. 

How to Manage Your Weight 

Reduce the intake of fatty and oily foods in your diet.

Fats form a large component of calories by weight, as compared to carbohydrates and proteins. Therefore it is important to replace fatty foods with healthy foods. All the oily, fried and full fat dairy products like cheese, butter etc. should be restricted.

Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated.

Modern scientific research has indicated that drinking water, not only makes you feel full but also helps boost the metabolism, which in turn helps to burn more calories. Drinking water half an hour before food helps you limit the intake of food and calories and in turn helps you lose weight.

Eat only what is needed for the body.

Many of us consume more food than what is actually needed for our body. These excess calories are stored as fat in our body. It is important to know that if you are physically more active then you can eat more, as you will be able to burn calories faster.

Analyse your physical activity and lifestyle and then eat according to the needs of your body.

Avoid sugar and refined white flour products.

Research indicates that sugar is strongly associated with diseases like diabetes, obesity etc. Further refined products like white bread, pasta etc. have been stripped of their nutrients and is no longer a healthy food option.

Avoiding sugar and refined products will help you in maintaining a healthy weight.

Add fresh and organic fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Fruits and vegetables are high in nutrition and low in calories. They also help you to be full. Having a diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables will help your body to get essential nutrients and minerals. It will also reduce your desire to snack on junk food.

Control your portion size by taking small plates.

Research has indicated that people who eat in small plates automatically control their portions and eat less. This has helped them in their weight control.

Many people also keep notes of what they eat, in order to be aware of their weak points in losing weight. After observing the picture of your food intake, you are more conscious to take corrective steps towards weight control.

Watch over your snack time.

Many people eat sensibly during their meal times but go overboard by eating high calorie and fatty food in between meal times. It is important to make a healthy choice of eating nuts, fruits and other oil free snacks.

Have a regular exercise schedule.

It is important to have a regular exercise schedule. If possible, find a friend who can brisk walk with you or workout with you. This will help motivate you not to miss your exercise schedule, which is an important part of maintaining weight.

Doing aerobics or cardio exercises are excellent ways of burning fat. It increases your metabolism and helps to burn fat.

Avoid keeping junk food in the house.

When you have made the decision to lead a healthy lifestyle, then it is important to remove all the unwanted distractions like oily snacks and other junk food, which will tempt you.

Keep options which are healthy, so that you will be encouraged to eat healthy food only. For e.g. nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables, low fat yoghurt etc.

Use appropriate oil in your diet.

Extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil and mustard oil are some healthy oils which can be used to cook your food. Research has indicated that coconut oil has special fats which are good for the body.

It is important to replace your existing refined oil with some good organic oils, which are good for the body.

asparagus, green, green asparagus

Avoid dieting but consistently eat healthy.

Many people go on crash diets which are unhealthy ways of losing weight. Diets never works on a long term basis. People gain more weight after diet. So it is important to make lifestyle decisions of eating healthy food. You need to focus on giving your body nutritious and good foods, instead of depriving it of food. Remember anything that is deprived will always be more sought after.

Sleep well.

Though many don’t give importance to good sleep, sleep is equally important as eating healthy and exercising. Poor or inadequate sleep is one of the main factors for obesity and weight gain.

These are some easy tips for successful weight control. Maintaining a good weight is a lifestyle habit which needs to be followed consistently.

 Hope you enjoyed this article on How to Manage Your Weight.


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