How To Be Kind To Others

How To Be Kind To Others

We were all taught early in life by our parents to treat everyone with respect and kindness. We are also taught in schools and at home the importance of kindness. However, in reality while getting engrossed in the cares of day to day life we forget to practice this key virtue. In today’s fast-moving world there is hardly any time for anybody. Though people want to be kind, they get overwhelmed with the day to day pressures and forget to treat people right. In this post we show you How To Be Kind To Others.

It is important to be kind. Kindness and gratitude are associated with good health. Research has indicated that kind and generous people lead a long, healthy and happy life. Therefore it is important to take to practice kindness daily. Kindness should come from within. You should be kind because it is the right thing to do and it will give you peace.

How To Be Kind To Others

Today, let us look at the top benefits of kindness.

1. Kindness is contagious and spreads easily.

We all have experienced that whenever someone shares a story of a random act of kindness, we get touched and encouraged to imitate it. Kindness always inspires other and creates a ripple effect wherein others are encouraged to follow suit. It is important to know that God has created us and so our soul will always recognize the things from God. The Bible says that being kind and loving to others touches God’s heart. So whenever we demonstrate an act of kindness, it gives us peace and happiness, which is indescribable as it is from God. Secondly, it also inspires others to follow as their hearts are touched by God.

2. Kindness helps us to become happy and contented.

There was a research conducted on depressed people wherein the psychologist advised this group of people that they need to do something for others for about a month. For e.g., if they are good at baking then they needed to bake and take some cookies to the nearby orphanage or old age home. If they are good at singing they needed to sing, for some they just needed to go and sit and spend their time listening to others and making them comfortable. After a month, everyone was surprised as they were no longer depressed or sad. They had stopped looking at themselves and started focusing their energies on the happiness of others. In doing so they found out that they were more happy, peaceful and contented.

This is very true as when you start doing things for others and making their lives better, you will find that God will remove the sadness and depression from your life and will give you his peace and joy. Many people who volunteer their time for others are said to be more happy and peaceful. This is one important lesson we need to learn that by spreading kindness we are able to lead a happy and healthy life.

3. Kindness helps in strengthening family bonds and other relationships.

In a world which is hard pressed for time and compassion, we find rude people everywhere. Everyone is stressed out and wants to release their anxiety, anger and stress on others. Due to this, relationships with family members and friends get strained.

When you are kind and understanding, it fosters emotional bonding and well-being. Kindness is mostly reciprocated as no one can remain angry for long if you continue to show kindness. Whenever we are kind to each other, our existing relationships are strengthened and new relationships are forged. Research has indicated that empathy releases the oxytocin hormone, which helps in bonding and trust.

4. Sharing and caring makes you feel good.

We were all taught to share and care right from an early stage of life. Children are encouraged to share their tiffin, toys etc., by their teachers and parents. The joy of sharing and giving is different and forms an important part of our lives. Sharing and caring is an important way of demonstrating kindness to others.

5. Kindness helps us to move away from being self-centered to supporting social causes.

Research has indicated that people who have volunteered for social causes or who are engaged in supporting a particular community cause once a week etc., are found to be more selfless and happy. Their stress and anxiety levels dropped down drastically. Though initially, they may find it a little difficult to interact, once they start interacting their moods become positive and they begin to experience a high level of satisfaction. Further, they no longer avoid being part of a social circle.

6. Kindness gives a glow on the face and slows down aging.

Ageing faster is a result of stress, anxiety and a unhealthy lifestyle. Free radicals and inflammation increases the pace of aging. When you demonstrate kindness, oxytocin is produced in the body which reduces the levels of free radicals and inflammation in the body. It also helps in improving the heart health. Oxytocin also helps to release nitric oxide in the blood vessels, which helps to dilate the blood vessels and lowers the blood pressure.

Some of the ways of practicing kindness are listed below :

  • Always use the golden words like “Please”, Thank you etc.
  • Smile always, even at strangers, as it is one of the best ways of showing kindness.
  • You can hug someone who needs to feel loved and appreciated. This is one more simple act of affection.
  • Always keep some change in your wallet. In India, we find the poor and needy at almost every nook and corner and thus it is important to be kind by giving generously. You might be helping them to get their only meal of the day.
  • Write a letter, thank you card or a greeting card to someone whome you know is going through difficult times.
  • Call up a friend or a family member and have a heart to heart conversation. It will help the ones who are sad and lonely.
  • Be kind to physically challenged people like the blind, lame, deaf etc. You will find such people in your day to day life – be courageous to step forward and help such people.
  • Be kind at the grocery store by allowing the old and elderly people to go ahead. Help them to carry their groceries. If you find someone in need of money, please pay for their groceries.
  • Forgive the debt of people who owe you, especially the poor.
  • Send flowers unexpectedly to your old parents, teachers or other people.
  • Listen and spend time with an elderly neighbour.
  • Give generous tips to waiters, janitors and housekeepers.
  • Speak words of encouragement and compliments to everyone around you in order to lift up their mood.
  • Do not hold back on your generosity.
  • Volunteer your time and energy for charitable causes.
  • Try to be calm in a stressful and anxious situation.

These are some simple and easy ways to practice kindness. Remember your kindness will not only help others but will help you even more. Today, make every effort to be kind and generous in your actions. Let your gratitude reflect in your actions. Kindness and gratitude will help you to stay healthy and happy.

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