Best Weekend Getaways in and around Mumbai

Best Weekend getaways in and around Mumbai

 As the saying goes

All work and No play makes Jack a dull boy

Working women need time to rejuvenate and refresh themselves as well as reconnect with their family. Long holidays help in family bonding; however they are very hard to come by. Young mothers can still utilize short weekends to the same effect.

Mumbai is famous for its fast life. However just outside it’s borders are a couple of hill stations, beaches etc, which could make for a good weekend getaway. Depending on your preference you can choose the ultimate destination.

Below are some of the best places in and around Mumbai for a quick vacation.

1. Lonavala

Lonavala is located around 88 km from Mumbai and is known for its beautiful landscape. A good time to visit Lonavala would be from October to May, but the youth and college aged kids prefer to visit it during the monsoon season as it is beautiful during that time. The train is the cheapest and fastest means of reaching Lonavala, while by road it takes around 2.5 hours. There are many hotels with all the necessary amenities for your stay. If you visit the town please make sure you try out the Chikki and Jelly Sweets.

2. Khandala


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Lonavala and Khandala go hand in hand. Khandala is located at a distance of 5 km from Lonavala. It is also known for its natural and beautiful scenery. Further It is also famous for its waterfalls, forts and deep valleys. It is one of the most loved spot for trekking and hiking.


Louisa Point Matheran

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Matheran is still known for its unpolluted environment. It resembles a village and has thick forests, waterfalls and a steep terrain. Matheran is connected to the town of Neral which lies at the base of the hills. Matheran’s is quite unlike the other hill stations as no vehicles are allowed beyond Dasturinaka. Horses and hand-pulled rickshaws are the only transport facilities available in Matheran.

4. Panchgani


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Panchgani is named after the five hillocks that surround it.It is around 252 kms from Mumbai and takes around 4 to 5 hours to reach. You will find lots of beautiful old British and Parsi homes built on the basis of British architecture. Just like most of most of the hillstations, this one was also found by the British because of their constant search for scenic hill stations with invigorating climate.This place is also famous for a large number of premier residential educational institutions.

5. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a popular hillstation located in the western ghats. It features several elevated viewing points, such as Arthur’s Seat. There are a number of activities to enjoy in Mahabaleshwar like the Pratapgarh fort, boating and echopoints. You must try the fresh strawberries.

6. Adlabs Imagica, Sangdewadi

Adlabs is an international standard amusement park. It is one of the popular family destinationsfor a long weekend. It is situated on the Mumbai Pune Express way. There are hotels like Novotel Imagica to take care of your stay. It is the most loved place for children adventure.  Further it takes around 3 hours to reach from Mumbai. It has 25 attractions, waterpark, snowpark and 5 themed restaurants. Built on an area of about 30,000 square feet, the Snow Park boasts of 100% natural snow.

7. Kamshet

Kamshet is a popular adventure destination close to Mumbai. It is mainly known for paragliding and swimming in the reservoir. The beauty of the Uksanlake is breathtaking.

So friends next time you have along weekend, just pack your bags and head towards these exciting destinations, which will definitely not be stressful on your time and budget.

We really do hope you enjoyed this article Best Weekend Getaways in and around Mumbai.

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