Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

We all love our homes and even when we are not at home we long to be at home. The word “Home“ brings a sense of comfort, warmth, and love in our hearts. In this article we will talk about Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels.

In the past, we have gone on vacations and stayed in hotels and resorts and they have been good enough to stay for a short period. But if you really want to enjoy a home away from home, then you need to try a homestay in your coming vacation.

A home stay is a part of someone’s home converted into a hotel. Home stays gives you much more personalized and friendly service as they cater to a fewer number of guests.

Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

 It is a home far away from home.

One of the biggest reasons of comfort is that a homestay or vacation rentals are somebody’s home and so you get all the comfort that you feel at home. One of the most important things is that you get authentic home cooked food, which will be prepared from local produce. You can enjoy all the delicacies as they will be filled with flavor and love. You are treated as a guest and not as a client.

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 They are more peaceful and quiet.

Most of the homestays or vacation rentals are individual resident bungalows or cottages in a beautiful landscape area. You will get to enjoy the beauty and peace of nature. They are very spacious, airy and big as compared to a hotel room.

The best local information will be provided.

Remember no one knows the place better than your host, who is a local resident. They will ensure that their guest knows about all the important places to visit, the scenic places, the best time to visit in order to avoid the crowd, the best routes to be taken and many other things which would make life convenient for you.

A chance to observe their lifestyle.

When you stay in a homestay you get a chance to observe their culture, how they live their day to day life, their joys and their difficulties etc., which will enhance your outlook towards life.

Cheaper as compared to hotels.

Homestays or vacation rentals are always much cheaper as compared to hotels. There are no hidden costs or taxes, which makes it much cheaper. Food is mostly included in the stay and your host will also recommend some good nearby options to try out the local authentic food. You save money when you choose to homestay and you can use this money for sightseeing, shopping or any other travel related activities.

Support the local tourism industry.

When you are staying in a homestay, you are indirectly contributing to the development of tourism and also the livelihood of the local community. Along with the homestay, you will be able to buy handicrafts and other local things of interest, which will encourage the local artisans and other community members. It is a good way of being a responsible tourist and giving back to your travel place.

You will never feel lonely.

You will never feel lonely as you will receive the warmth and love and at the same time you can enjoy your rest and privacy. It gives you the comfort of both, a hotel and a home.

New bonds and friendships are formed.

Most people who have stayed at home stays have returned back there to visit again. Homestay hosts are generally chatty and have good entertaining stories. They will enthrall you with their real life anecdotes which can be amusing and funny. The result is that you develop a bond of friendship in this short period and you are more likely to stay in touch with them, even after your vacation.

Many a time you get invited to a family wedding or function, wherein you get to enjoy yourself and most likely you will end up with some beautiful memories which you will cherish lifelong.Many people choose vacation rentals and homestay in order to save money as well as experience new culture and bonding with the locals. This vacation try something different and go for a homestay or a vacation rental and not the regular hotel room.

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