How to protect your password from hackers

In June 2016, we heard that Mark Zukerberg (CEO of Facebook),Twitter and Pinterest passwords were hacked. The same was the case of Sundar Pichai’s Quora account.We are surprised to know that not only normal people but also tech bosses,social media accounts are vulnerable to hacks. Hacking has become common and is done because of extensive usage and dependence on technology.

Here are some few simple tips that can protect your accounts from hackers:

Always create strong passwords which are not easy to guess

Some of the good ways to make a strong password is to think of something that is unique to you. For e.g. a favourite sentence or a phrase that you like and then take the first letter of this sentence and make a password. For e.g.,I love to go for walks in monsoon(iltgfwim).

Store and recall your password

Once you have created your passwords then you need to recall them appropriately. One of the best ways is to use a trusted password manager, which can be again accessed by your single password. For e.g.,Securesafepro etc.

 Use different passwords for different sites

Avoid using the same password for different sites. This will endanger your security, if there is a breach of a password in one of the sites. As you use different keys for your house, car, cupboard’s, in the same way use different passwords for different sites. Most of the sites now have a double layer of security and so they ask for an OTP(One time password) as an additional layer, which is usually sent to your email address or your registered mobile number.

 What you need to do when you forget your password?

Most of the sites provide you with the information in the button below the password. If you forget your password, they will send the temporary password to your registered email account and then you need to reset your password. It is important to keep your email address updated so that you receive this recovery mail.

 Keep your Mobile number updated for recovery purpose

In today’s technological world, most of the time people prefer to use their mobiles for receiving validation mails or password recovery mails. We feel comfortable to use mobiles as they are physically in our possession.

 Manage your settings

Most of the sites give you detailed settings as to who can see your content like photos, videos, status updates and articles etc. It is your prerogative to check your settings and set it appropriately for private and public use.

 Be careful of Phishing

Most of the people fall into the trap of changing the passwords in links sent from some mails ids which closely resemble their Bank email ids. These email ids are wrong email ids. It is good to go to the website of your Bank by entering it on the browser and change your password on the website itself.

Use longer passwords

Modern research has indicated that longer the password, the better is the protection. It is always better to have a randomly selected long password to avoid hacking, but at the same time you should be able to remember it.

The above are some of the ways in which you can secure and keep your passwords protected.

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Last updated on February 15, 2018 8:55 am

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