How To Prepare your Child for School

How To Prepare your Child for School

Summer vacation is almost over and with June kicking in children need to get ready to go back to school. Children become sad and stressed to get back into the daily school routine. Vacations are a time for enjoyment and children make the most of it. It is important to comfort and ease them of the stress and help them in getting back into their school routine. In this article, we talk about How To Prepare Your Child for School.

There are many emotions that children go through before going to school

  • Feeling sad or upset that the holidays are over.
  • Stressed or anxious about their new class and new friends.
  • Feeling anxious about their new teacher and whether the teacher will be good and understanding.
  • Already feeling stressed out about homework and studies.

These emotions may lead to sleeplessness, headaches, fear etc., in children. It is natural for children to feel a little anxious and worried but if you can comfort them, then it will help them in getting ready to get back to school.

How To Prepare Your Child for School

Start getting your children back into the schedule gradually.

About a week before the school reopens, make them go to bed early as well as wake them up early. Also gradually start getting them back into the school routine of eating breakfast, have dinner in time, having set study and play times etc. Get them excited about meeting new friends and having a new teacher.

Keep their school accessories ready and sorted out.

It is important to keep their school books, bags, uniform, raincoats and other school accessories ready before hand.  It is important that you teach your children to keep their next day books and clothes ready a day before so that there is no rush in the morning.

You can get them excited by getting them involved in buying the necessary school items such as books, pencils, pens, tifin boxes, water bottles and clothing of their choice. It is also important that you buy only those things that are necessary and stick to a budget.

Remove all the old things and make way for the new things.

It is time to get rid of old clothes, books and other old things. Clear the place and get the new books, study table etc. organized. Keep the study area clean of any distraction and also ensure that it is well lit up, for better focus and concentration.

Get their daily day chart ready which will give them scheduled time for study, play time, rest and entertainment. Do not over-schedule them with too many after-school extracurricular activities. Teach them time management to better manage their school assignments. This will help them in getting back into their school activities easily.

Get their Homework ready, if any.

Most of the ICSE and CBSE schools start in April and then they have their summer vacations. Owing to this, children going to these schools will always have some amount of vacation homework. It is best to help your child finish their homework well in time before the school starts. It is also important to revise some of the important maths and science topics, to get a better understanding for the next class. For e.g. revision of tables, square roots, English grammar, reading essays, science experiments etc.

Help them to set goals for themselves.

As children start the New Year encourage them to set goals. Do not have only academic goals but have other goals such as health goals as well as goals in other areas. Some of the goals can be –

  • Eating healthy food.
  • Planning and doing their studies on time.
  • Getting better grades.
  • Staying fit by playing every day.
  • Learning a new hobby or playing an instrument and trying to excel in it.
  • Making more friends.
  • Doing acts of kindness and generosity regularly.

Start your day on a positive note.

Start your day earlier than normal, when the school reopens. Keep a buffer time for your children to get back into the school routine. Wake them up early and start the day positively. Even though there may be many challenging moments, keep your mind calm and composed.

 Some of the things you can do to start their day positively are listed below –

  • Wake them up a little early to get sufficient buffer time to do things peacefully.
  • Give them a healthy breakfast.
  • Pack them healthy food for lunch, which they would like to eat.
  • Encourage them to say prayers before leaving for school.
  • Hug them and help them to ease their stress. Speak positively about all the interesting school activities that they would enjoy and also the fact that they would be able to meet their school friends after a long time.
  • Replace their fear and worry with peace and comfort. Keep saying words like “it’s ok” and “everyone feels a little nervous on the first day.”

Nurture age appropriate independence in them.

Nurture age appropriate independence in them. Encourage them to do their jobs independently. This will boost their confidence and also make them responsible.

Some of the things that they can do are listed below –

  • Ask them to pack their books according to the timetable. A 6-year-old or a 2nd-grade child can pack their books with little or no help.
  • Keeping their school accessories properly at one place, so that they can be easily retrieved.
  • Getting dressed up for school on their own with little or no help.
  • Getting adjusted to doing homework on their own.

Insist on a daily routine which they are well aware of, so that they will adhere to the same and become disciplined.

Prepare your child for the oncoming monsoon.

In India, the school reopens in June, which is also the start of the monsoon season and hence you also need to prepare your child for the monsoon season.

Here are some guidelines for getting your children ready to go back to school in the monsoon season –

  • Get them the right rain accessories such as raincoats, shoes, gum boots, waterproof bags, umbrellas etc.
  • Give them a proper diet filled with good fruits, vegetables and avoid street food completely. Cut down on dairy products to avoid germs.
  • Drink boiled and purified water to stay away from illnesses. Keep the body hydrated.
  • Mosquitoes are very active in the monsoon season, so take adequate precautions against diseases like dengue and malaria.
  • Encourage personal hygiene by asking them to wash their hands, legs and even take a bath when they come from outside.

These are some of the ways by which you can help your child in getting ready to go back to school. Preparing children for school is one of the most challenging tasks for parents. These tips will help in getting your children adjusted to their daily school routine.

Hope you enjoyed reading our article on  How To Prepare Your Child for School. Please read our earlier article How to raise well-behaved children.

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