Top 10 rain forests in the world

Rain forests are one of the most natural wonders of the world. You can really enjoy these natural treasures and eco-paradises filled with lush landscapes, sparkling waterfalls, rivers and green canopies of mountains.Rain forests receive a lot of rain which makes them lush and fertile. Though the conservation of this natural ecosystem is of great concern, there are still some beautiful rain forests in the world which can be enjoyed.

Here are some of the most wonderful rainforests in the world.

1. Amazon Rainforest (South America)

When we talk of rain forests, this is the first rain forest that comes to our mind. It is popularly known as the Amazon Jungle or Amazonia. It spreads across eight countries namely Brazil,Bolivia,Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador,Guyana and Suriname.This is the world’s largest rainforest and is declared as an UNESCO Heritage site. Some of the prominent species seen here are the Jaguar,Black spider Monkey.

2.Sinharaja Forest Reserve (Sri Lanka)

The name itself translates as Lion Kingdom. This rainforest covers an area of around 20 kms. More than 50 % of the animals and plants are rare species. The peaks of Sinharaja are Sinhagala, Mulawella and Pinipitigala. It is known for some rare species like treefrogs, birdwing butterfly, purple faced langurs etc.

3. Congo Rainforests (Central Africa)

The Congo river is the second largest river in the world surrounded by the second largest rain forest. This rain forest covers more than 500 million acres with a large variety of animal and plant species. Some of the animals seen here are elephants,large chimpanzees, gorillas etc. This large rain forest is responsible for regulating climate both local and global. It plays an important part in processing a large part of the air, which is essential to sustain the oxygen levels for both plants and animals.

4. Daintree Rainforest (Australia)

This rainforest covers an area of around 1200 square kms along the Dain tree river in Queensland. It is one of the oldest tropical rainforests. More than 12,000 different species of plants and animals are found in this rain forest. Some of the prominent species are the white lipped tree frogs, Ulysses butterfly, salt water crocodiles and sea turtles etc.

5. Ecuador’s Cloud Forests (Ecuador)

This is a cooler lowland rain forest. It has a wide variety of species like the Ocelot, red brocket deer, white fronted capuchin monkeys etc.

6. KhaoYai National Park (Thailand)

This is Asia’s largest monsoon forest. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. Spread across approximately 2200 SquareKms it is vast and beautiful. It is broadly classified into five rain forest zones like evergreen, semi evergreen, mixed deciduous, Savannah and evergreen hills. Some of the prominent bird and animal species found here are the coral billed cuckoo, Asian black bear, Indian elephant, barking deer’s, otters, wild pigs etc.

7. Dominica Rainforest (Caribbean Islands)

This is one of the smallest rainforests in the world covering around 750 Sq Km. It is surrounded by beautiful scenic landscapes, waterfalls, mountain peaks and valleys. Some of the prominent species of birds and animals found here are the agouti, sea turtles, bats, butterflies and crabs.

8. Rainforests in India

Some of the beautiful rainforests located in India are in the Western Ghats in the states of Karnataka and Kerala. The other areas of small rainforests are in Assam, Meghalaya, Odisha and also the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

9. Mount Kinabalu National Park (Malaysia)

This is a botanical park of different species of flora and fauna. It has more than 4000 species of plants and around 300 species of birds and animals. For e.g. the giant kinabalu red leech and giant earthworms are found in this park.

10. Alaska Rainforests (Alaska Region)

This rainforest is a temperate type of rainforest. It has tall cedar trees, mosses, wild flowers, berries and different types of flora and fauna. It is very beautiful and one of the most loved tourist destination for nature lovers.

These are some of the most beautiful rainforests in the world and a visual treat for nature lovers. However there are many more rainforests which are equally beautiful and varied.

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