Non Refrigerated Foods

Non Refrigerated Foods

In today’s fast world, people are trying to stock up things for future use. Buying things in bulk saves time, money and energy. Let us look at foods that cannot be stored in the refrigerator. In this article we talk about Non Refrigerated Foods.

When storing food, we often get a lot of advice from friends and families. Some people believe that the moment you put any food in the refrigerator it will remain fresh, as it is cool in there. But that is not the right thing to do.

Non Refrigerated Foods


The most common fruit to be stored in refrigerator is the banana. People bring bananas and directly store them in the fridge. Remember bananas hail from a tropical climate and so if they are green and you them in the fridge they won’t ripen. It is advisable to keep bananas outside only.

Modern research indicates that when bananas are over ripe and turn black, they are healthy as they help in protecting you against diseases like cancer. Next time you have over ripe black bananas either eat them or mash them and apply them as a face mask for a glowing skin.


The next most common item to be put in the fridge is bread.  Remember bread dries out quickly and becomes stale faster in a fridge. Try storing bread in a cool place such as in a bread box to keep it soft and fresh.


It is advisable to keep tomatoes out of fridge. When you store them in the fridge, they lose flavour and taste as unripe and watery. If it is left outside then it develops its flavour naturally.


Garlic is best kept outside in a dry and proper ventilated area. They will tend to become soggy and damp if kept inside the fridge.


Honey should never be stored in the fridge. At cool temperature it crystallises and forms sugary granules instead of normal sticky runny honey.


Potatoes should never be stored in the fridge. When you store potatoes in the fridge, the starch is converted into sugar. So when potatoes are used after storing in fridge for frying or baking, harmful chemicals are formed which are not good for the body.


Coffee needs to be stored in an airtight container. Coffee beans or grounds take in the smell from their surroundings and that enhances the taste of coffee. All this will be lost if you keep your coffee jar in the fridge.


Ideally fresh cakes should be kept in a tin box as they will taste better. In case your cake has fresh cream or chocolate in it, then it is suitable to keep the cake in the fridge.


If you have unripe avocados, then keeping them in the fridge is not going to help. You can put them in the fruit basket next to the bananas, which will fasten the ripening process.

Some other things to be kept in mind while preserving foods in the refrigerator are as follows:

  • Foods should be properly grouped according to their easy accessibility, food aromas, rawness of meats etc., as the air around them influences the taste, flavour and smell of the other foods. Always keep them in the lower shelf and never let the water from these foods drip onto other foods, as bacteria can be easily transferred.
  • Packing of foods. It is important to pack foods correctly. You can pack meat in plastic Zip lock bags or cling film or aluminium foil. Fresh fruits can also be put in polythene bags and root vegetables in brown paper bags. Wash the vegetables and fruits and make them completely dry before freezing, as the water will turn into ice and it can damage the texture of the foods.
  • In order to avoid smell in the fridge, put a small piece of charcoal to remove the odour.
  • Always keep your fridge clean by wiping it and washing it. You can use water and soda bicarbonate solution and clean it and then leave it to dry before starting it again.

The above are some facts about the foods not to be stored in the refrigerator and also tips for good use of the refrigerator.

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Hope you liked this article on Non Refrigerated Foods.
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