Window Dressing Ideas for Large Windows

Window Dressing Ideas for Large Windows

Dressing your windows is an important part of the decorative appeal of most rooms in the home. The options range from expensive curtains to plain blinds and shutters. In this article we discuss Window Dressing Ideas for Large Windows.

Here are some easy tips for dressing up windows with creativity and innovative ideas. There are different types of windows like French windows, Picture windows, Bay windows and casement windows etc. All these windows differ in shapes and sizes.

Now let us look at the different styles and settings that will help us while choosing a window dressing.

Window Dressing Ideas for Large Windows


  • Before choosing the fabrics and styles of the window dressing, you need to consider the practical considerations.
  • Depending upon your need, you need to choose your curtains or other window dressings. If you want comfort and daily usage, then choose inexpensive draping which will match the theme of your house as well as serve the purpose of blocking out light in your room. If you want expensive and fancy curtains for decorative purpose then you need to make them accordingly.
  • Colour scheming is very important. Use plain materials to make colour scheming easier. Curtains will play a complementary decorative role.
  • Dressing up the plain fabric. Although the fabric may be plain in colour, drape it effectively with an unusual tie-back. Use window sills as display areas for interesting collections of objects.
  • Make a statement by drawing attention to the window. If you want window dressing to be a focal point, choose bold or contrasting colours and patterns to draw the eye.
  • Enhancing Embellishments.Emphasize bold window curtains by offsetting them against soft and subtle understated walls. Paint walls with an off-  white or an extremely pale complimentary colour.
  • Choosing fun setting in the child’s room.You can choose bright and colourful fabrics related to children like cartoons, flowers and toys etc. to make bed covers, cushions and curtains. This will give a good fresh fun look to your child’s room.
  • Choose soothing and peaceful colours for proper relaxation, especially in bedrooms.
  • You can use light coloured curtains for windows that have less or no light but at the same time you can use dark coloured curtains for privacy and for creating a restful and secure mood.
  • Choose proper colours, fabric patterns and weight of the fabric. For e.g., choose proper lining, if the fabric is too thin to block the light or the curtain holders need to be strong to carry the weight of the thick curtains.
  • There are three basic types of curtain lengths. Firstly the curtain falls to the wall length, secondly the curtain falls below the window sill and is midway between the sill and the floor and thirdly the curtain hangs just above the sill.
  • While determining the material check the length and the fall of the material, whether it is falling nicely.
  • Remember there are usually good sales going on and it is always advisable to buy your curtains from these sales or from second-hand sales, which can drastically reduce expenses.
  • You can brighten plain curtains by cutting themed shapes of different coloured fabrics like for e.g., a plain red colour curtain stuck with yellow cut-outs of stars, crescent moons etc., will brighten up the curtains.


Blinds are the main alternative to curtains and can be made from many different fabrics. Plain roller blinds are quite popular and work by a simple mechanism. There are different types of blinds like roller, Austrian, Venetian and Roman blinds. All these are different and can be chosen depending upon your preferences and practical requirements.

Plain roller blinds are mostly used in an official environment as they are easy to maintain and simple to operate.

Thus above are some easy tips for dressing up your windows. All you need is a little creativity and an innovative idea to make it look good and at the same time fit into your budget.

Hope you enjoyed this article Window Dressing Ideas for Large Windows.
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