Top 5 natural tips for clear skin


Every woman likes to have clean and clear skin. The skin needs to be taken care of and maintained. However the answer lies with us. There are different types of skins like dry skin, oily skin and normal skin. A good skin is the one which is not too oily or not too dry.

Let’s understand some of the common ways of keeping your skin and body clean and healthy.

1. Your Diet


Healthy food clear skin

We have heard this saying quite a number of times “You are what you eat”. Remember what you eat ultimately will reflect on your body. Food is the most important part of our daily life. Food provides your body with the most essential nutrients. Therefore it is very important to include different varieties of fruits,vegetables, lean protein meats and exclude saturated fats.

2. Keep your body hydrated

Water is a natural body cleanser. Drinking lots of water will never harm you. Water detoxifies your body by flushing out toxins. It gives you clean skin by preventing pimples and acne. It hydrates your body and removes excess dirt and oil. Remember around 60 percent of your body is made of water.

3. Wash your face regularly

Most of the skin problems are due to secretion of oil by the skin glands. Washing your face regularly clears dirt and sweat. Do not over wash your face as it will lead to dryness. We need natural oils produced by our skin to nourish and keep it healthy. Warm water opens the pores whichin turn allows dirt and bacteria to enter. Cold water closes the pores which prevents dirt and bacteria to enter your skin. So it is advisable to wash your face with cold water.

4. Exercise regularly


Jogging clear skin

Exercising regularly not only stimulates blood circulation in your body but also opens pores due to sweating. You need to take a good shower after your exercise schedule to get rid of sweat and toxins. Teenage acne is mainly caused due to hormonal changes and exercise helps you to regulate these hormonal changes.

5. Use Sunscreen

The sun is a great source for Vitamin D. Early morning the sun upto8am is very good for the skin. However you should avoid the sun after this time. The UV rays are very strong and they can damage your skin. You need to apply sunscreen cream which has SPF above 45 to avoid being tanned. Also cover your head with a hat or a scarf to avoid the sun.

Some of the other things to be kept in mind are:

• Remove your makeup completely before sleeping.
• Adequate sleep is essential for healthy skin and body.
• Wash your pillow covers regularly to avoid oil, grime and saliva which will result in acne.
• Apply good moisturizers and creams regularly on your skin.
• Regular exfoliation of skin with Bengal gram, oats, milk, honey and other homemade items will remove dead skin, dust and other impurities making your skin look clean and flawless.

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