Things You Should Never Put On the Face

Things You Should Never Put On Your Face

In today’s world, most of us have busy schedules and very little time to take care of our beauty needs. Quiet often people search on the internet to find out good DIY face packs and try them out immediately on the face. It is important for us to check the ingredients of these face packs and understand whether the same is actually good for the face. In this post we will talk about Things You Should Never Put On Your Face.

There are many ingredients which are not good for the face owing to the sensitivity of the skin on the face vs the other parts of the body. The face is more delicate and sensitive and so you need to be extra careful in deciding what you apply to the face.

Things You Should Never Put On the Face

1. Shampoo.

The face skin and scalp are made up of different types of molecules. The face is sensitive and needs a mild cleanser for cleaning and making the skin soft and healthy. On the other hand, the hair and the scalp need a stronger solution for cleaning the oil and the dirt from the hair and the scalp.

Though it may seem difficult as to how a shampoo will not fall on the face while washing the hair, you need to take extra care that the same does not happen. Shampoos are strong and should not fall on the sensitive facial skin. If it does, then ensure that you use a good moisturizer to soften the skin. If you ever use a shampoo to wash your face, then the skin will tend to get dry and rough.

2. Mayonnaise.

Again mayonnaise is found to be good for the hair but not for the face. Some people have found that mayonnaise helps in keeping the hair smooth and soft. However, mayonnaise is not good for the face as it will clog the pores and will not allow the skin to breathe. Hence never use mayonnaise on the face.

3. Deodorant.

Sometimes people spray deodorant ignorantly on the face. Remember deodorant hampers perspiration and thus will not allow the skin to breathe. Some people have this wrong notion of applying makeup and then spraying deodorant in order to keep their make up intact. However the skin needs to breathe in order to stay healthy and so avoid using deodorant on the face.

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4. Hair Color.

All the hair colors are loaded with chemicals which are extremely bad for facial skin. Many times people want to apply the same hair color to their eyebrows in order to look good but the same is not advisable. Do not use hair color on your facial skin as it will irritate the skin around the eyes. If you want to color your eyebrows then use natural vegetable colors which can help in coloring the eyebrows.

5. Vinegar.

Many DIY beauty kits have a small element of vinegar in them. Vinegar is a toner and can help in benefiting the skin. Here it is important to note that vinegar loses water as it ages and becomes stronger. Sometimes in case of homemade vinegar, one is unsure about its date and hence it could be harmful to use on the face.

If you are not able to judge the date and by mistake use a strong vinegar, then you are likely to burn the skin. It is best to avoid experimenting and buy a good toner that will help the skin. You need to ensure that you use only those products and things which are highly trusted.

6. Baking powder.

Many beauty face packs use baking soda as an initial scrubber to cleanse the skin. Many experts have said that baking soda consists of very high levels of alkaline, which in turn reduces the PH balance of the skin, resulting in a dry and rough skin. When you use baking soda it damages the skin and prevents it from keeping the moisture in the skin.

7. Nail polish.

Nail polish has acrylic molecules which can be used only on the nails. Sometimes people try to paint their faces for a theme party using nail polish. If you need to color your face then try and use natural and herbal paints which will not have any harmful effects on the skin. Avoid using nail paints which will make the skin rough and dry.

8. Body Lotion.

This is one of the major misconceptions wherein people use body lotion for their face. It is clearly written that it is a body lotion and so it needs to be applied to the body and not on the face.

The skin on the face is more tender and sensitive as compared to the skin on other parts of the body. In almost all body lotions there is less of the nourishing component and more of fragrance component. In order to have healthy skin ensure that you use a good facial cream and moisturizer.

Moreover, body lotions are thicker and have more fragrance that can irritate the facial skin. Use something that is gentle, delicate and helps in moisturizing the skin.

On the face, you should always use something more gentle and delicate. Think of body lotions and creams like spackle — they’re there to fill in lost moisture and not to target your facial needs like anti-aging.

9. Foot Creams.

Foot creams are thick, sticky and very rich in ingredients. The main purpose of foot creams is to exfoliate and remove the tough dead skin on the feet. These foot creams can harm your tender and sensitive facial skin.

10. Hot water.

In winter, we all want to take a hot shower and feel good. It is important to know that hot water removes the moisture from the skin and makes it dry. Hot water removes the protective layer and the natural oils of the skin.

Many people think that by washing the face with hot water, it will not only remove the dirt but also destroy the bacteria. However, hot water removes the moisture from the skin and makes it dry and patchy.

These are some of the things that we use in our day to day lives. It is important to note that they are not good for the facial skin and hence its best to avoid using them. It is advisable to use facial products which are tried, tested and have given good results.

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