How to be happy

Happiness is where you are and what you want to be…..

 are the lyrics of a hymn we often sing. Some people seem to be happy no matter what happens in their lives, while there are others who are always sad and depressed inspite of a big bank balance. Finally I see the third type who are secure, peaceful and happy, even though they may have none of the benefits that the others have. For long, I craved to know their secret. After much reading and myriad experiences of life, I have come to the conclusion that personal happiness is just a thought away. “What happens within decides what happens without’, I read somewhere :

Lincoln said

 I guess people are about as happy as they make their minds to be

All of the above helped me realise that we are made by our thoughts. If we have control over them, it would make perfect sense to think thoughts that lead to happiness rather than the other way around. The way we look at the world is directly linked to our happiness rather than the other way around. Our own thoughts are the only thing we have dominion over. We can’t control what other people think or do, so the faster we accept the fact that “who we are is the result of what we think”, the faster we will find ourselves on the road to happiness.

To me a happy person is the one who is, “ stuck on a thing called hope “.That is the spirit that heals all diseases, redeems lives from destruction and brings sunshine back after the rain. There will always be people who will be smarter, richer, more beautiful than me who will achieve more than me. That is not my problem. My job is not to be the best, it is to do my best. When I find new hope after having accepted myself, “as I am” rather than as “I wish I were”, I become a happy person offering the same hope and happiness to the others who are discouraged.

Happiness is like a “KISS”.

It feels best when you give it to someone else. And those who find ways to serve others find it. Like a  catch 22 situation, though we need to love ourselves first in order to be truly happy, its good to put the focus on the other person, to make sure that we do all we can to enhance the quality of their life. People who give without the expectation of return take a giant step towards happiness. Lives such as these built on service can weather the worst storms of life and come out on top.

In my opinion happy people are ordinary people with extraordinary amounts of determination. They would never let a problem become an excuse for not being happy. They are the ones who believe that no matter what your situation is in life, you can catapult yourself into the place of your dreams, remembering always that it is not enough to have a dream unless you are willing to pursue it. Happy people are often the ones who take the road less travelled. They have faith in God and themselves and in the ideas that He gives them to make their goal a reality. They use their imagination and divine inspiration to stir their souls and allow themselves to experience the wonder of the miracle called life.

Forgiving others easily.

With love in their hearts, they count their blessings instead of dwelling on their misfortunes. They are the ones who give life everything they have got and life gives its best to them. Above all they are people who choose to forgive everyone for everything. I believe this helps them relieve their hearts of the burden of carrying grudges. The peace and serenity that comes with forgiving ensures them happiness always.

It is important to listen to our lives and see it for the fathomless mystery it is, all moments in it are key moments and life itself is grace. Every thought we plant is like a seed that will eventually blossom, so we need to take care when planting them. We recreate our lives every day, moment to moment to make it either one of unhappiness or one of serenity. The happiness we seek is at our finger tips.

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