Habits Of Successful People

Habits Of Successful People

Everyone wants to be happy and are constantly in search of happiness. People spend huge amounts of money to keep themselves happy. But can we buy happiness with money, is the question? In this article, we talk about Habits Of Successful People.

Happiness is a state of mind. It is important to note that nobody can make you happy and the only one who can make you happy is yourself. 

Habits Of Successful People

Try to be an optimist in your behavior.

We have to face many situations in life wherein we face many difficult and life impacting situations. Learn to be an optimist by understanding that this difficult situation will not last very long. Every failure is a stepping stone to success. Learn from your past mistakes and be around people who are more positive and optimistic in life. It is a habit that you need to consciously cultivate.

Find contentment and balance in life.

Many times people compare their lives with others around them and feel dissatisfied with their life. They worry and become stressed about things not happening right in their lives.

It is important to lead a balanced life. Ensure that you spend time on things that mean more to you, for e.g. family, faith health, career etc. Do not be overwhelmed with all the great things happening in other people’s lives. You are not aware of their challenges and struggles. Know that God has uniquely created every person and given them their unique God given destiny. Be comfortable with who you are and you will learn to be happy.

 Practice gratitude and kindness.

If you closely observe the lifestyle of happy people, you will find that practicing gratitude and kindness is an important and integral part of their lifestyle. First and foremost, you need to express your gratitude to God for the gift of life and for all the good things that are provided by him. God is the source of all good things and we need to thank him.

Once you are filled with gratitude towards God, then you can be thankful to people around you. We cannot be happy if we are not thankful for the things that we already have in our lives.

Similarly, showing kindness to those around you by doing small acts of selflessness will definitely make you feel good. Research has indicated that serotonin is released in the brain, which makes you feel happy and blissful after performing acts of kindness. Kindness positively affects both the giver and the receiver. No wonder when you do small acts of kindness, like giving food to the hungry, money to the less fortunate or hugging an old person who needs love, makes you happy internally.

Treating others with respect.

This is one of the key elements in being happy. The Bible clearly says, “Do unto others what you would want them to do to you”. Happy people will always treat other people with respect. Even if they disagree with their viewpoint, they will be sensitive and not impose their thoughts on others. They are compassionate and respectful, even if they are not treated the same. It is this great ability of not getting offended that helps them to keep strife and bitterness away, thus helping them to be happy.

Prayer and faith.

Prayer is talking to God. Since God is the source of all goodness, we need to read and meditate on God’s word. For me personally, the Bible verses give me strength and comfort when I get weary with my daily struggles and challenges. If you make it a habit of having a daily set prayer time wherein you just talk to God and surrender to him, it will definitely increase your ability to face life positively.

 Learn to accept your mistakes and take responsibility.

We all know that we are not perfect. There are many times when we make mistakes. It is important to recognize our faults and admit them. Do not blame others for our mistakes. It is only when we admit our faults that we start the process of improving ourselves.

It is also important to forgive others of their mistakes. This will help you to release the toxic and negative emotions and you will become happier as you let go.

Nurture happy friends and families around you.

Happy people are always surrounded by positive and happy people. It is not as if they do not have problems in their lives but their focus is on looking at the positive side of every problem. When you have positive friends and family members in your active social group, you tend to be encouraged and uplifted by their words and deeds. Both positivity and negativity are contagious and rub off on you and hence it is important to choose people with the right approach to lead a happy life.


Happy people are also honest people. They will always tell you the truth, even when it is bitter. They will tell you the truth in love. It is thus very important to associate with only a few friends and families, who will tell “What you need to hear” rather than “What you want to hear”. While there are many people who will be friends only in good times, be sure you have some friends who can anchor you, support you and wish for your best in both, good and bad times. These are people who are also strong in their faith and prayer life and they reflect God’s love in everything they do. They will also warn you of the things that can be detrimental to you.

Happy people are joyful people to be around with.

You will always find some friends or family members, who have a good sense of humor and who will bring joy in their conversation as well as in their behavior. These are genuinely happy people, which will reflect in their nature.

They will spend time doing what they love, which will always increase their enthusiasm and zeal for life. They live in the present and do not worry or dwell on the past or worry about the future.

You do not need to spend on expensive clothes, cars or luxury vacations to be happy but you consciously need to make the right decisions to be happy.

Hope you enjoyed this article Habits Of Successful People. Please read our earlier article Importance of gratitude and thankfulness in life
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