How to get through hard times in life

How to get through hard times in life

Life is full of challenges and difficulties. We all go through difficult times in our lives and can choose to have a positive approach or get depressed about it. Challenges and difficulties are a part of life and everybody faces them at some point in time. I have observed that many people who were wise in their dealings with difficulties came out of their situations more strong, wise and full of understanding. In this post, we show you How to get through hard times in life.

How to get through hard times in life

Today, we will look at some tips which will help us get through the hard times in life.

  • Encourage your mind to have a positive mindset.

The Mind is the most important battlefield. It is like the cockpit of the plane. The entire plane is directed by things that happen in the cockpit. So you need to be extremely guarded about what thoughts you think and encourage. If you think negative and worrying thoughts, then obviously you will soon see the manifestations of these things happening in your life.

At the same time, if you choose to think positively and keep your mind calm, then obviously you will see the manifestation of good things happening in your life. The Bible clearly says that the mind is your battlefield. You need to fill your mind with things that are positive and faith-filled. This is difficult as it is a constant struggle to ensure that we think and speak positively.

When you consciously think positively, you try to look for good things around you and you do not take anything for granted. The moment a negative thought comes to your mind, do not encourage it but destroy it immediately by casting that thought out and coming back to your positive approach. So make a habit of thinking positive in life.

  • Stand strong in love.

Love is one of the most important qualities that keep you strong in hard times. During the hard times, we face pain, loss of trust, strife, bitterness, hatred and many other negative feelings. It is during these times that you need to choose to avoid negative feelings and stand in love. Now how do we stand in love. The Bible says that love is the first commandment. Every time you face a tough or negative situation, you make a choice to walk in love. For e.g., when you are in pain or are hurt, you choose to forgive and let go. You do not hold onto any grudge but choose to forgive and move on. This will make your spirit strong and you will be able to overcome the challenge in a positive way. Further hurt will never rule but forgiveness will give you good health.

Research has indicated that hurt, bitterness, strife, un-forgiveness leads to many diseases like cancer, arthritis, depression, stress etc.

  • Take responsibility for things that you can control and do not focus on what you cannot control.

One of the important things to understand is that there will be some things that you can control and some things that you cannot control. So avoid getting frustrated but try to change the things which are under your control. Focus on the things that you can control.

Stop blaming others for your problems. This means that you are not taking responsibility. One of the key things of being happy is to take responsibility. In this way, when you stop blaming others and everyone else for your problems, you start becoming happier. Your happiness depends on yourself when you take responsibility in the hard times and move forward with resilience. Try and become the victor in your life rather than becoming the victim.

  • Avoid overthinking and being fearful.

Many people overthink about their problems and become fearful. Fear is a very strong emotion that keeps you in bondage and defeat. So take control of your mind and resist fearful thoughts. Fill your mind with positive and faithful thoughts. Fear is exactly the opposite of faith in God .

Most of the times people overthink about things that will never happen. The result is that our minds become fearful and anxious, leading to stress. Research has indicated that people overthink so much that not even 10% of what they think actually happens in reality.   

Address your fears head-on. Write down your problems and the worst case scenarios while dealing with these problems. Once you have written this down, you will realise that you need not be so fearful. Have the courage to face your problems. Courage does not mean that you are not afraid but it means that you do not let fear stop you from moving ahead in life.

  • Have faith in God Almighty.

Remember to pray and connect with God. For me, reading bible verses gives me a sense of love and encouragement to face the challenges of life. All of us are uniquely created. Every part of our body is unique for e.g our thumbprint, our retina, our jaw etc. So then, when we are so uniquely created, we all have a unique God-given destiny. God is in control of every situation in our lives. He is God and is not surprised by what is going on in our lives. Trust and have faith in God. God will soon help you overcome the situation. Somebody wisely said, “Tough people last not tough times “.

  • Difficult situations always teach your valuable life lessons.

When we look carefully at the different phases of our lives, we see that most of the time we learn important life lessons from these difficult situations. All you need to do is to keep moving forward and doing the things that you need to do. Keep a positive approach in life and you will grow in patience, resilience, tenacity and wisdom.

  • Be grateful and thankful for what you already have.

Whenever I face tough situations in my life, there is a  beautiful Christian song that I love to sing. The song goes like this, “ Count your blessings and name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done”. We all are blessed to have so many good things in life that we need to be grateful and thankful for them.

Remember all the small things and see how significant they are for your happiness. Being thankful and grateful will make you happy in life.

  • Find inspiration from others who have overcome these challenges.

Most of the time when we read about other people’s similar life journey’s and how they overcame their hardships, we get inspired. It helps us to use their wisdom and get motivated to deal with our own life storms. Try to read positive articles, posts, quotes or watch inspirational videos.

  • Share with others and take help in your decision making.

All of us go through tough times in life. It is fine to open up with close friends and family members. Share your feelings and burden with a close family member or friend. Ask them for their opinions but you take your decision. Sometimes you will find many people sharing the same battle. It will give you great comfort that you are not alone and that there are many other people also fighting the same battle.

  • Try and be kind to yourself and do something that makes you happy.

Most of the time, during the hard times in our lives we are tough on ourselves.  We blame ourselves or ignore our pain etc. This is the time when you need to take utmost care of yourself. Try and go for walks, do your regular exercise, read inspiring books, go out with a friend or family who can make you laugh, eat and rest properly. When you take care of your body, you are able to deal with the tough situations in a better way.

These are some tips that can help you overcome the tough times in your life. Every situation is different and so you need to find a proper way of dealing with each situation calmly.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article on How to get through hard times in life.


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