A young moms guide to child proofing your home

The most dangerous injuries incurred by young children are those unintentionally caused. Caution and prevention can greatly reduce the risk of injuries. 

Prevention is better than cure

Young parents can prevent such injuries by modifying their homes and making it more child-friendly. Before starting, the parent may want to survey their home and make note of all the unsafe areas and objects which could potentially be harmful to a young child. Then, they will need to systematically address each issue by following the guidelines provided below.

smallRemember the best time to start would be before the child is born or before the baby begins to crawl.


The Kitchen area

Toddlers are naturally curious and inquisitive and will want to try out different and interesting things. The kitchen by default becomes their most attractive place to explore.

kitchen _kids_proofing

To start off, the parent may want to restrict the entry of small children to the kitchen by installing safety gates. Also, make sure that there are safety latches on all cabinets and drawers.

Some other points to keep in mind:-

  • Keep medicines away from food products and eatables.
  • Stoves and burners should be kept away from children
  • Sharp kitchen wares like knives, blades and cutters should be kept out of reach and away from the edge of the kitchen table.
  • Even in case of answering emergency calls ensure that no sharp household objects are left unattended or open.
  • Baby safety gates should be placed at appropriate places to restrict entry and exit. There are different types of child safety gates available for purchase on online shopping sites like Amazon and Snapdeal.


Never leave a young child unattended in the bathroom as it can be a dangerous place. Children are quite fascinated by the workings of certain bathroom fittings; like water taps, showers, the flush tank, commode etc. Allowing them to play with these could be quite fatal.


Remember to unplug all electric appliances like hair dryers, foot massager etc. so that they do not get an electric shock.

Around the house

Here are some general tips that will help you child proof your home

  • Put power strip covers over every electric socket especially those that are low and within the reach of small children.
  • Put child friendly edge and corner guards on furniture that is sharp and edgy.
  • Always keep a set of spare keys. You will never know when your child can get locked in a room.
  • All the windows need to be properly grilled and avoid having large open windows or low balcony railings.

While there is no way to make a home 100% child proof, the tips provided above will definitely help reduce the risk of injury.

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