How To Talk To Your Kids

How To Talk To Your Kids

Modern day parenting has become very challenging. There are new situations, new challenges and a very different environment around us. We cannot completely apply the old way of parenting which our parents did. But it is important to take the good from both the generations and blend it harmoniously to make parenting effective. In this article we show you How To Talk To Your Kids.

How To Talk To Your Kids

 How can I deal with a baby that is shorter than other kids his or her age?

Youngsters all grow at one-of-a-kind rates and you will definitely find one child who’s behind the others.  Every child is different but do not worry, they will catch up over a period of time. But if there are some serious doubts about their growth or height or hormonal deficiencies, then it would be advisable to   consult your paediatrician.

 How should I deal with my child being a bully?

Current research indicates that almost one in every ten youngsters are victimized by bullies. Bullying is a very serious issue that should not be taken lightly. Start determining how your child is bullying others. The most usual sort of bullying is bodily – punching, pushing, kicking etc. or even teasing kids, calling them names, verbally assaulting them etc.

Once you have determined the sort of bullying, you need to make it absolutely clear that such behaviour is absolutely unacceptable.

Also find out the reason why your child has grown to be a bully.  Most of the time, it is just a reflection of circumstances in the house or any elder in the house behaving in such a way.

Talk to your child lovingly and explain to them the importance of behaving correctly. Remember it is your child’s behaviour that is a problem and not your child. Love and encouragement can help your child overcome bullying.

In case your child is at the other end of bullying then ensure that you deal with it seriously. Do not tell your child to ignore it. Most of the children who are bullied, deal with fear and depression and low self-esteem, which can cause a lot of issues in their adult life.

 How can you talk to your children about death

First and foremost communicate to them that demise is a part of life and that everyone will revel in loss and grief at some time. Normally pre-schoolers and children till the age group of teenagers will not be able to understand the magnitude of death. They will find it difficult to understand that their loved ones will never come back again.

It is important for you to deal with it with honestly and with sensitivity. Children will have a lot of questions out of curiosity. Be sincere and honest with them. Do not lie and give them false hopes of the person returning back after some time. They will look forward for the return of the deceased which is not right. Explain to them in honesty and sincerity and you will be surprised to learn how they cope with the same.

In case of an accidental death or any untoward incident, explain to them kindly about the facts of life, that everyone has to die one day. The most relevant question will be whether you will die soon. Here you need to reassure them that God’s will for everyone is to lead a long life and most of the time people die after a long life.

A clear explanation of death will help them overcome grieving, in case of the loss of their pet as well.

 How do I encourage my child to be truthful?

Young children do not understand the distinction between right and wrong or fantasy and reality. So, why would you count on them to realize the distinction between reality and a lie? The fine way to address this mind-set is to begin early and impress upon your child to always tell you the facts. You must explain to them that lying is wrong.

It is important to stress upon them the fact that they need to be truthful even when it is difficult. At an early age, you can reprimand them or appropriately counsel them when they are caught with a lie.

It is important to be steady and consistent when you are dealing with any such situation. Let your children know that lying is never good or suitable for anybody. Also children are great observers, so ensure that you do not lie in your dealings as well. It is a strong code of conduct that needs to be followed by the entire family.

How to know whether your child can be left alone for some time or for a longer period of time.

Experts have said that eleven years is a good time to leave children alone and let them do things independently. Some kids become responsible at the young age of around 9 years while there are some teenagers who need constant supervision.

It is good to analyse your child’s own strengths and weaknesses and then slowly start making them independent. You can ask them to run errands in the neighbourhood shop which does not require road crossing or you can leave them alone for a short time to run an errand or ask them to take care of their younger sibling who is at least more than 5 years old for a short time etc.

Once the job is done encourage and motivate them. Always give clear instructions about the do’s and dont’s, so that they are aware about the things that need to be done in case of an emergency.

How can I help my child to make new friends?

Many parents overtly react to their teenage children spending more time at home or exactly the opposite by spending too much time with friends. Nowadays many teenagers prefer spending time on social media and other technology related things. They are more comfortable having virtual friends rather than real friends. But that‘s not right, as they need to have real friends and mix around with their peer group.

If your child is having difficulty making friends then you need to help them address the same. If you child is too sensitive, bossy, hyper or too negative, then help them to overcome their weaknesses. Encourage some common friends in the neighbourhood to come over for lunch or tea, so that your child is involved in their peer group.

 How to get my child to eat healthy?

Eating healthy is one of the most difficult challenges that almost all parents face today. With the continuous onslaught of fast food, junk food and high media marketing, children choose many unhealthy options. Ensure that the entire family follows a healthy eating lifestyle.

Fruits and vegetables should form an intrinsic part of your daily diet. Free play time and exercise is a must since most of today’s children are obese. You can have a day in a week wherein you can have some snacks or junk food in small proportions. Encourage your children to snack on fruits, nuts and other healthy options.

Involve them in deciding the menu and sometimes ask them to help you in cooking. Children who help in making food are more likely to eat the food they have made. Find fun-filled and innovative ways to make healthy food tasty and presentable.

These are some of the questions that most parents have while raising their children.

Hope you enjoyed this article How To Talk To Your Kids. Please check our earlier article on Positive parenting. 

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