How To Help Your Child Concentrate

How To Help Your Child Concentrate

In today’s fast world, it is very difficult for adults to concentrate so then how do we teach our children to focus and concentrate.  Experts say that concentration is like a muscle that can be strengthened with regular appropriate exercises. In this post, we discuss How To Help Your Child Concentrate.

Sometimes we see some children more focused while others are unable to concentrate at all. Here it is important to know that you can develop and adopt some strategies which will help to improve their concentration. Children need to develop their concentration as it is important for their academic and other success. We see that children are able to focus and concentrate on things which are enjoyable. While things that are boring and difficult they are not able to concentrate.

Concentration is one of the key aspects in developing the self-confidence of your children. In this age of multitasking and changing of tv channels, it is very difficult to pay attention to one thing at a time.

How To Help Your Child Concentrate

Today let us look at some tips which will help our children to build their concentration level.

1.Encourage your children to do one thing at a time.

You need to encourage your children to do one thing at a time. In today’s age of multitasking and constant switching off the channels, this is a challenge to do. 

Though many people are happy to do multitasking as it saves time but research states otherwise. Many experts have said that multitasking reduces the concentration level thereby reducing the performance level. For e.g tell your child to complete one sum at a time and not try and do the entire exercise.

2.Try to get your child involved in free play time or exercise.

Many experts have said that anybody movement motivates the brain. When your child exercises or rides a bike, swims or even just runs in the park his brain cells are getting stronger. When your child channelizes his energy in walking, jumping, playing then he is able to concentrate better on his studies.

3. Keep the environment free of any distractions.

It is important to keep the environment free of any distractions whenever the child is concentrating on his studies. For e.g get your child to do homework at a designated like the study table. Switch off the tv, mobile phones, computers etc.  In case of elder children, monitor them regularly so that they do not get addicted to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

4. Encourage your children to plan and make a list of things to do.

Today children have lots more to do in addition to their school and academic activities. They have lots of extracurricular activities like sports, dancing, swimming etc. It is important to help them plan things.

Do not let them get overwhelmed and overburdened by trying out too many things. Ask them to focus on one thing at a time and finish it off from their task list. Tell them to take up only one sport or any other after-school activity of their liking.

5. Encourage indoor memory games that build up concentration.

Children love playing both inside the house or outside. Avoid giving tablets, mobile phones or any other gadgets. Encourage them to play with toys or read books or play memory games. There are many puzzles or quizzes for the different age group of children which help in building the concentration level. For e.g crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, quizzes on different topics like incredible India or World etc. For younger children, you can just challenge them to sit in one place without any movement. In good old days, we would say “Statue” and the person would not move.  It time we encourage our children to play such small games which will help in making them still for some time and improve their mind-body connections.

6.Adhere to a proper set routine

It is important to cultivate good routine habits for your children.  Children need to be fairly aware of their daily routine after school. This helps in better time management for the children. 

Good habits help your child’s brain to know what to do when. This further helps in better focus and concentration For e.g when my daughters come from school, they have their snacks and playtime before they sit down for completing their homework.  Children know when is their study time and when is their play time.

7. Give appropriate breaks or naps to boost concentration

All of us including children are better able to concentrate after taking breaks or even a small nap.  A small nap of half an hour or an hour after school refreshes their mind and can help in improving their concentration.

It is important to give your children proper and healthy food before they start their studies to avoid any distractions.

8. Encourage healthy eating

Eating healthy is directly related to the concentration of the child. Research has indicated that children eating sugar-rich or oily foods are slow and sluggish. While children who regularly eat almonds, eggs, lean meat, nuts, fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables help in boosting memory power and also concentration.

9.  Help your children to divide the bigger tasks into smaller tasks

Often children are overwhelmed when they see an entire chapter or an exercise that needs to be done. Teach them to break down things into small parts.

For e.g instead of looking to learn the entire chapter in one go, tell them to read small paragraphs, understand it and then move forward. When they are able to achieve small things then they feel motivated and will be able to concentrate better.  You can try the same things in household chores. Instead of giving them a long list of chores to do just break down and give them one job at a time.

10. Give them short-term targets for better concentration.

Always try and give a short-term goal or a target to your children fore,g you can ask them to complete few sums or a certain number of answers in 20 minutes. Set short-term goal and time limit. If your children are young give them smaller time duration.

These are some easy tips which can help your children develop their concentration and focus levels. You can also find out the best learning methods for your children and accordingly adapt things that will help boost their concentration level.

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