How to build confidence and live without fear

In today’s modern world, every woman wants to live her life confidently. All of us have seen our mothers, sisters, aunts or any other female family member, inspire us by their self assurance, positive approach and caring nature.

If we observe their lives carefully, we will find that these women are faith filled and have been victorious in many tough situations that life has thrown at them. Their sheer resilience and refusing to fear, has seen them through many difficult situations in life.

The Bible describes the story of Adam and Eve beautifully. After Adam was created, God realised that Adam needed a helper. He created Eve from one of the ribs of Adam (i.e. his side) which is close to his heart. It is important to note that Eve was not created from his feet to be walked upon or belittled. God had a unique purpose for both, man and woman. And this purpose can be achieved only by working side by side, in the better interest of each other.

Many women don’t like the idea of being submissive to their husbands. Let’s look at it this way. You cannot have two people sitting and competing to be in the driver’s seat in the car. It will lead to a disaster. In short, somebody needs to drive the car and the other person needs to be a helper, by having a nice conversation or asking for directions to reach the destination.

Both man and woman have unique strengths and weaknesses and it is for this reason that we were created, to increase our strengths and reduce our weakness, by complementing each other. Every man and woman is special. You do not have to be married to be happy. You can achieve your God given destiny even if you are single.

Today, I would like to look at some of the intrinsic qualities which help women to live confidently, without fear.

 Being secured in love

A confident woman is always secured in love. Most people look for love and are easily discouraged when they do not find it. First and foremost, remember that God loves you unconditionally. It is demonstrated by the scientifically proven fact that every human being is unique. All of us have different faces, DNA, chromosomes, eye retina and thousands of other unique things in our body.

We are not produced in mass scale but we are a unique masterpiece, created by the creator. And if he has created you so beautifully then he has a divine unique plan for your life. So first and foremost whether anyone loves you or not, God does love you unconditionally. You need to settle that in your mind. It is a free gift from God and you can only be grateful for it.

Learn to ignore the ones that don’t love you or reject you and concentrate on people who love and encourage you. Surround yourself with people who are positive and who will lift you up. In this process, be ready to let go off people who drag you, even if they are closely related to you.

 Refuse to live in fear

Fear is exactly the opposite of faith. It makes people afraid and to think of consequences and results which may never happen. Fear controls your mind and your thoughts. When you are fearful, you immediately starting worrying leading to anxiety. For e.g. If you receive a negative report from the doctor, then don’t dwell on it and think about it day and night, but instead focus on testimonies of faith which have overcome these diseases. From my personal experience, I can say that by meditating on the healing scriptures of the Bible, I was miraculously healed.

When you remove the daunting circumstances around you and look up to God, your creator for his Grace, then you automatically move into a different realm of positivity and strength and your faith increases. Once your faith increases, you start receiving healing in your body.

Remember, tough people last, but not tough situations. There is an end to the dark tunnel. Be encouraged and keep being positive in your life. When you refuse to fear and instead focus on God’s goodness and his good will for you, your circumstances will change.

It is just matter of time before you see the manifestation of things that you believe in. If you fear, then you will see the result of fear i.e. dark thoughts, loneliness, depression and sadness. If instead, you dwell on God’s word and on positive thoughts, you will see positive outcomes like happiness, relief and heavy burdens being lifted from your heart, because your source of strength comes from the Almighty God.

 Spend time alone in solitude or your own “me” time

Most women lose out on this point. Once they become mothers, their world revolves around their families and their work and there is hardly any time left for them. It is thus very important not to get caught in this trap.

Enjoying daily, set time of solitude and doing things for yourself can recharge you. It will definitely help you relax and be happy. Remember you can give only what you have, so your family can be happy only if you are happy.

A calm mind helps you to take proper and timely decisions. In times of adversity, this is one quality that will help you. This quality is not built in one day but over a period of time.

 Face difficult situations with strong determination

Setback is not failure, but to stop trying is definitely a failure. Most of us face difficult situations in our lives but how we face these situations, will determine the results.

I have personally seen some powerful women in my family and friend circle, who have faced difficult situations with immense courage.

A friend of mine who lost her husband early in life and had to care for her children (one being a special child) is a source of great inspiration to me. Despite the circumstances, I have never heard her complain about any situation. I have always seen her smiling, facing and overcoming trials and tribulations that life throws at her, because of her strong will and determination. She told me that her source of strength is God and his Grace.

Similarly, I have also seen other families facing great hardships in raising their special children. The most common thread in these families is the mother, who is strong and determined to see her children live a dignified life.

Remember, if you have strong determination and faith in God, the mountains will move and your disadvantage will turn into your advantage.

 Be a Positive person

I heard somebody say that you cannot lead a positive life with negative words being constantly spoken. Confidence is a result of positivity in your life. Confidence and negatively are opposites of each other. Being positive is a choice you make by what you speak, think or act. Positive people bring hope and encouragement in their environment.

Most of the time people retort back saying that it is impossible to be positive in the current challenging circumstances. Modern research has indicated that more than 90% of what we worry about never happens but our health has already borne the consequence of unnecessary worry. Instead, positive thoughts increase our faith in God leading to supernatural things and miracles. It is an extraordinary thing to lead a positive lifestyle. If you do the extraordinary thing of having positive faith then God will definitely do the supernatural.

I personally have seen people coming out of their terminal illness, only because of their positive approach and their sheer faith in God and His divine intervention. When the world gives no hope, remember God always give complete hope and restoration.

We will continue  in our next article on “How a Confident woman raises a Happy Family”.

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