How To Get Rid Of Back Pain During Pregnancy

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain During Pregnancy

In today’s fast advancing world, we do not have enough time to take care of our bodies and spine. Back and neck pain is one of the main reasons for taking time off from work. In this article, we talk about How To Get Rid Of Back Pain During Pregnancy.

Many people suffer from back and other spinal ailments. These can be easily avoided by taking adequate care and precaution.

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain During Pregnancy

Exercise is an essential part of maintaining a healthy body.  A simple exercise that helps you to stretch and strengthen your back, abdominal muscles and spine should be regularly done.

Take proper back support while sitting

Most of us spend a huge amount of time sitting on a chair. It is imperative that we choose the right chair. Doctors recommend chairs that have a fixed back support and an inclination between 90 to 110 degrees. You need to sit on a chair that has proper back support, with your hips all the way back and legs properly supported and flat on the ground.

If you have a job that requires sitting all the time, it is good to take breaks and walk around and stretch. Avoid sitting at one place for hours together.

Go for regular walks

Walking is one of the simplest exercises, which has many benefits. It strengthens your core muscles, keeps your body upright, improves your flexibility and also strengthens your bones.

Many experts have suggested pool walking when people have spinal pain. Walking in the pool minimizes the pressure on your spine.

Do not sit on easy chairs and bean bags

Avoid sitting on easy chairs, bean bags, soft sofas as these could lead to a back problem. Also, avoid sitting on the floor without any support for your back.

Wearing tight and uncomfortable jeans or trousers can also lead to back issues.

Use an appropriate bed and pillows

You sleep for a minimum of 8 hours a day. So it is important that you have a good bed and pillows that ease your spine and body. You need to have pillows that support the natural curve of your neck.

We sleep in different positions, so we need different types of pillows. For e.g. if you sleep on your side, then you need a thick pillow to ensure that your neck and shoulder are in line with the middle of your shoulder. Your height and width will ideally determine the kind of pillow you need to use.

Be careful while bending and lifting things

Bending and lifting things abruptly is the cause for many spinal pains. If you need to pick up anything, bend your knees and then lift up the object. Bending knees helps you reduce the stress on your spine. Avoid lifting heavy objects with a jerk.

Create a habit of always bending your knees before lifting anything. Also keep things within reach while picking up, as this will avoid over stretching.

Use heat therapy for easing pain

Heat therapy eases and soothes the pain. Applying heat to the muscles increases the blood flow to the muscles and reduces pain. It helps in relieving muscle spasms. You can do it by using a hot water bag, heating pads or heat wraps etc.

Avoid carrying heavy bags

Today, most of the school children have heavy bags, which is the cause of many back issues. Ensure that your bag is close to your back and it does not sag. This will ease the pressure on the shoulder and back. Carrying back packs on one side is bad. You should carry the backpack on both shoulders and close to your back.

Eat a healthy diet

A proper intake of fresh foods, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, protein’s, lean meats which are high in calcium, minerals, and vitamins, will help in keeping your body healthy. Avoid eating processed foods, sweets, and oily foods. This will help to keep your weight in control to avoid obesity, which again is stress on your spine.


Research has shown that a light massage is an effective treatment to easing back pain. It improves blood circulation, eases pain and gives relief as it increases your endorphin levels (feel good emotions)

These are some of the Top 10 best ways to take care of your spine. A good and healthy spine will help you to go about your daily routine in a very effective manner.

Hope you enjoyed this article How To Get Rid Of Back Pain During Pregnancy. Please read our earlier article Best ways to avoid and recover from muscle injuries.
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