9 DIY Decoration tips to beautify your home

Decorating your home is one of the most creative and satisfying things. We don’t need to have very expensive accessories to make our home look good. A little bit of hard work and creativity can produce spectacular transformations. There are no instant and easy means to get the desired look for your home. But there are definitely better methods, innovative ideas and ways of saving time, to get that new look for your home.

Below are some of my Top 9 DIY tips that will help transform your home

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers add freshness and vibrancy in the environment. They add colour to a dull environment. Most fresh flowers are not so expensive and can be easily procured from the local market.

If you love nature and have some space, you can always grow different varieties of flowers in your own garden. Select the flowers which are local and which can be easily procured. Some flowers have a good fragrance and will smell nice in the house.

Instead of using the same old conventional methods of placing the flowers, we can look at some trendy and unique ways.

 Tea cup and Mugs

You can use some pretty tea cups or long decorative mugs to place the flowers. This will be a unique style statement, especially when you have guests over at your place.

Large bowl with floating candles

You can have a large bowl of water and place some fresh flowers in it. You can give it a nice touch by adding small floating candles around it. Place it on the center table as the main attraction.

Wine glasses as a candle holder

You can put some flowers under inverted long wine glasses. On the base of the glass, you can put scented candles. They will act as unique candle holders, with fresh flowers and scented candles.

 Old light bulbs and colourful plastic bottles

Old light bulbs and colour plastic bottles in different shapes can be cut and made into artistic flower holders.

 Potted plants.

Indoor potted plants purify the air and give a green look to the room.


If you have a library, then you can arrange your books colour wise, to give a synchronised chromatic effect. Your collection of books will reflect your personality and choice.

Many book lovers have their own library, which is an intrinsic part of their home decor. They value their collection and are proud to display it.

As Cushions and pillows will give a unique and stylish look to your room. You can cut and use old thick bed covers which have geometrical patterns and different colors. Beautiful cushion covers can be easily made from old materials.

Long Windows

If your home is blessed with long windows or a balcony, then you need to put some chairs and potted plants in the balcony, to give that restful look. This can become a nice comfortable corner to rest and relax.

 Herb garden on your kitchen windows

Fresh herbs are easy to grow and do not require much space. You can grow herbs in old tins and cans which can be hung on the kitchen window. Freshly grown herbs will add distinct and fresh flavour to your food.

 Wall paper

You can use wall paper to give a distinct look and feel to a room. E.g., the children room can have a Jungle Book or a Fairy Princess theme. This will not cost you a lot and the children will enjoy the look.

Also a complete green or an orange wall with white furniture around will look extremely stylish.


Bathrooms are usually forgotten and not much is done for its beautification. You can easily change the old used towels to new bright ones. Rearrange the toiletries with some scented air fresheners. Keeping a small money plant on the window will also make your bathroom look good.

Curtains and bedcovers

Curtain and bedcovers can be synchronised to give a unique feel to the room. This can be further accentuated by coordinating it with the paint of the room.


Furniture can be coordinated with the paint of the room. A well-coordinated look will take into consideration all the different aspects like wall paint, wall paper, furniture color, soft furnishings and lightings etc.

These are some of the easy ways to decorate your home.

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