Our Homeschool Journey

It’s 9.15am and my boys along with me are huddled together on the couch with a Kids bible in hand and a small stack of wonderful books by our side to start our day. Like most other days, this morning too will pass by quickly as we immerse ourselves into constructive reading and learning.

What about school? You might ask. Let me introduce ourselves. I’m Jane Joseph, wife to an amazing husband, Saju Joseph and mother of two adorable boys, Jairus (7) and Amaziah (4). We are blessed and privileged to be able to provide home education to our children since the past 4 years. Though homeschooling is becoming more popular now, it still seems a bit confusing to a lot of people and that’s understandable. We don’t want to convince anyone that this is the only best way forward but if you do have the option to homeschool and have your heart drawn towards it for the right reasons, you too can do it.

Our Homeschool Journey

The way my husband and I see it, is very similar to a tree growing from a single seed that needs to be nurtured and protected by making sure it has good water, soil, sun, shade. Only then will the tree grow peacefully and there’s nothing we can do to rush it, which is someway akin to our children’s growth that cannot be rushed but only enriched.

Learning with fun and play happens at our home with more emphasis on building a strong foundation on character and Godly principles. Besides our boys acquiring academic knowledge, both Saju and myself also felt it very important to instill in them love and eagerness to learn, teaching life skills, morals, engaging in rich dialogues, discipline with a Godly perspective to everything. The best part about home education is that one can choose your own unique style or method of teaching based on what you know suits you and your children best. Since we are able to give individual attention to each child, we are able to accomplish more in less time. When the day is more structured and organized, it goes well for me and the boys because it is easy with clear expectations laid out in place though it’s amusing to be spontaneous at times.

Also, as a parent, we know our child’s style of learning and so accordingly we adopt those methods which work best for them. For example, unlike Jairus our younger son, Amaziah is a kinesthetic learner i.e. more hands on and hence he can grasp concepts better with the use of manipulatives.

You can find more information about this and reasons why we homeschool in Saju’s blog A Fathers Heart Beat.

Homeschooling has definitely brought us closer to each other, strengthened our bonds and as much as both our boys enjoy being taught each day, we love watching our boys experience a sense of freedom as their lives don’t revolve only around school hours and homework but also going on surprise field trips, sightseeing tours, family fun trips as well as playing with dough, play dates with their friends, coloring, doing puzzles, watching educational documentaries, dancing, singing, role-plays, hanging upside down on the couch and so on ;). They have time to think, imagine, observe and learn at their own pace.

As Christian parents, both Saju and I believe we have the responsibility to cultivate a culture in our home that would shape our children’s lives in discerning and pursuing God’s plans for them; one in which we can create faith, curiosity and learning in everyday living. We know as much as we try and work this out on our own strength and effort we can fail but finding our dependence on God’s wisdom and guidance can make it all worthwhile.

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