Tips for choosing the perfect wallpaper for your home

Wallpaper is one of the more trendy ways to transform the entire look of the room. Choosing the wallpaper will depend upon your likes, taste and budget. The best way to decide on the wall paper is to decide the room in which it will be used. For e.g. a fragile wallpaper can work well in your master bedroom but not in the kid’s room. Also if you’re not sure about using the wallpaper for the entire house, it might be a good idea to just do up one wall or a small part of the house to adjust with the new look and feel of the house.

Some important tips while deciding on the wallpaper are:

1. Decide the effect that you want to get in the look of your house

a) You need to decide on an appropriate design, style, pattern and also the choice of the colour.
b) You can use textured or heavily patterned wallpaper to hide uneven walls.
c) You can go in for bold geometric patterns to create a formal environment.
d) You need to keep in mind the wooden furniture, the ceiling and the other wall colours so that it is well complemented.
e) Completely coordinate the entire look of the room by deciding on the paints, furniture, wallpaper, soft furnishings etc.
f) You can match the accessories with the look of the wallpaper. For e.g., the bed sheets and curtains can complement with the colours or pattern of the wallpaper.
g) Use different wallpaper patterns to cover up any limitations of the room. For e.g., vertical stripes makes the room look taller and can be used if the ceilings are low.

Large patterns make big rooms look cosy, while small patterns make a small room look big.

2. Planning the requirement of the wallpaper

It is important to work out the entire quantity of wallpaper needed for doing up the room. You need to measure the walls correctly and also order for some extra wallpaper to cover up for any damages.

3. Preparation before the wallpaper

You need to do some preparation prior to wallpapering. Some of these preparations are given below:

a) Remove or strip off old loose wallpapers.
b) You can soak the wall with hot water by a large pasting brush. After soaking you can scrape the loose wallpaper.
c) Add a small amount of vinegar to the hot water to make it very impact ful for stripping or loosening the wallpaper.
d) Clean and seal the dusty surfaces, edges and corners.
f) Remove old nails or screws from the walls and fill up the holes for a smooth clean surface.
g) Use light pastel colours to cover up any previous dark backgrounds or patchy walls.
h) The sealing of edges and paint work should be done before the wallpaper work is started.

4. Areas around the doors and windows should be carefully planned while doing up the room

Some points to be noted are listed below:

a) Windows might be affected by dampness or wetness. So ensure that you make the area waterproof in order to avoid damp wallpapers.
b) Overlapping of wallpapers should be properly concealed.
c) Uneven places and corners should be carefully done.

Wallpapers definitely give a new and different look to the house. You can enhance the look of each room and the house as a whole by using wallpapers. The above tips will definitely help you in making a good decision in choosing a wallpaper for your house.

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Last updated on February 28, 2018 2:17 am

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