How To Choose The Right Perfume

How to choose the right perfume

A good perfume adds to your personality and gives a boost to your self-confidence. It lift’s your mood and also has some lovely memories attached to it. Currently the market is overloaded with thousands of perfumes. Many a time we are confused as to which perfume to buy due to the extensive marketing of perfumes. In this article we talk about How To Choose The Right Perfume.

Each perfume consists of different notes, which determines the scent of the perfume. The notes have three different layers such as base, top and middle notes, which work harmoniously to create the right smell. There are different types of perfumes like floral, fruity, oriental, exotic, spicy etc.

Different seasons have different fragrances, like summer and spring will have floral fragrances, while winter will be more musky and woody. In winter, the heavy clothing and fall in the temperature does not allow the fragrance to easily spread. Perfumes depend on your body characteristics and hence in winter if your skin becomes dry then you need a perfume which has an essence of warmth and intensity.

How To Choose The Right Perfume

Choosing your perfume.

Choose a perfume which suits your personality, nature and style. If you have a carefree nature, then choose musky fragrances or if you want to go out for a romantic dinner, then go in for a fruity perfume. Fragrances remain for a long time on skin that is not dry. Also choose perfumes which reflect the current season.

The effect of perfume is different on each skin and so it works differently for each woman. What suits for one person may not suit you. At a time, test no more than 3 different brands at a go, as different fragrances will confuse you.

Choose the concentration of the perfume.

Fragrances usually come in 4 different levels of concentration. As the concentration gets higher, the price is also higher. A higher concentration gives the perfume a long lasting effect, usually for an entire day. When you usually apply these perfumes on your wrist or pulse points, you will enjoy the fragrance throughout the day. These are called perfume or parfum. The second level is Eau de parfum, which lasts for about six hours after applying it. The third level is eau de toilette, which has to be applied more frequently. The fourth level is eau de cologne, which only last for about 2 hours.

Test the right fragrance.

Before you buy any perfume, test it on your skin. Our skin will have its unique fragrance when mixed with the perfume. It would be good to spray a small amount on your wrists and then wait for about a couple of minutes before smelling to see the result.

Be open-minded.

It is important to be open-minded while selecting a perfume. Sometimes people who don’t like jasmine or any citrus fruit fragrance don’t try this perfume flavour for the rest of their life. Different fragrances mix to form different notes. If you don’t like one, it does not mean that you will not like it in any other combination as well.

 Don’t rub your wrists.

Though this is one of the most popular ways of testing a perfume, unfortunately it is the wrong way. Rubbing actually breaks the molecules and changes the scent of the perfume.

Store your perfumes properly.

Light, heat and oxygen are the three main enemies of a perfume. Avoid keeping the perfume in the bathroom or any other place where there is heat and light. Keep your perfumes in a cabinet where it is dark, for lasting long. Keeping the perfume in dark and cool places will slow its break down.

If you have a predominantly empty bottle with little air above the fragrance, it will break down and destroy the scent.

Different types of perfumes –


These have strong overtones of flowery fragrances. Overtones like rose, jasmine and lavender work nicely in the winter season. These scents are best suited for women for their day to day activities.


Fruity fragrances are spicy and fresh. They are youthful, fresh and give a sense of warmth. They are an excellent choice for women who like classic fragrances but also want to add flair to their personality.


These are the strongest perfumes. They have sensual overtones, heavy blends and fine scents of sweet vanilla, musk, sumptuous flowers and oriental resins. These perfumes are a fine blend between spicy fruity tones to warm woody tones. They are excellent for corporate and special evening events.


Woody fragrances have mostly earth tones. They mostly consist of scents like sandalwood, patchouli and cedar to give a rich natural fragrance. They are easy to wear and versatile.


These perfumes evoke seasonal fragrances, like in winter you will enjoy rich scents of vanilla, cinnamon, amber etc. Similarly, in summer it will be more towards floral fragrances.

These are some easy tips which will help you to buy the right perfume for women.

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