Health Benefits of Figs

Health Benefits of Figs

Figs are one of the healthiest fruits in the world. They are loaded with nutrition that helps in giving relief to constipation, indigestion, piles, cough and bronchitis. In this article, we talk about some of the amazing Health Benefits of Figs.

Ficus carica is from the mulberry family, and is known as the common fig. It is mostly grown in Asia. Figs are eaten fresh and also in the dried form.

Health Benefits of Figs

1. Figs help in preventing constipation.

Figs are loaded with fibre and thus gives relief to people suffering from piles and constipation. The presence of fibre helps in promoting a healthy and regular bowel movement. Fibre helps in adding bulk and mass in the bowel movement. It also helps in eliminating diarrhea and irregular bowel movement.

Figs can be consumed ripe, dried or soaked overnight in water. It has soluble fibre which that helps add hydration to the hardened waste in the body.

2. Figs are good for the heart.

Figs are loaded with pectin, which is a soluble fibre. This fibre  helps in removing the excess cholesterol from the body. Therefore it helps in lowering the cholesterol levels.

Dried figs also contain phenol, omega 3  fatty acids which help in reducing the risk of coronary heart diseases. Further figs help in reducing triglycerides. Fig leaves are equally nutritious and help in promoting the oxidation of triglycerides.

3. Figs help in weight loss in the body.

Figs can help you feel full, thereby satiating your hunger and so you don’t tend to overeat. At the same time they are rich in calories, so do not overeat as it will cause weight gain. Further magnesium and potassium present in figs helps to improve the insulin function. A small amount of figs are enough to give you the much required nutrients for the body.

4. Figs help in boosting the bone health.

Figs have calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D etc., which helps in boosting the bone health in the body. The nutrients help in reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Further figs also contain phosphorus, which helps in the bone formation and also reduces the damage to the bones.

5. Figs help in boosting your vision.

Figs are loaded with Vitamin A,  which  is very important for the eyes. It helps in preventing macular degeneration, enhancing the night vision and in boosting the eye health.

6. Figs help in controlling diabetes

Figs have high fibre which promotes the control of diabetes. Since figs are rich in potassium they regulate the amount of sugar absorbed in the body after meals. This reduces the blood sugar spikes and thus helps in controlling diabetes.

7. Figs help in relieving a sore throat.

Figs are high in their mucilage content and so they help in healing sore throats. The slimy content in figs helps in soothing the irritation and inflammation caused by a sore throat. Figs are highly recommended for those suffering from a sore throat. Fig leaf tea also helps in healing respiratory conditions such as bronchitis etc.

8. Fig help in preventing hypertension and lowering the blood pressure.

Figs are a good source of potassium which helps in regulating the blood pressure. Figs help in removing the harmful effects of sodium. Figs are high in potassium and low in sodium and this helps in preventing hypertension. Figs is a relaxing food that helps in relaxing and calming the nerves.

 Some of the uses of the Figs are listed below :

  • Figs are sweet and soft and so figs are used in many healthy deserts like pies, cakes, jams, jellies etc.
  • Fresh figs are easily perishable and hence they must be properly refrigerated for future use.
  • Figs are high in fibre and so they can be eaten at breakfast and at snack time.
  • It is important to know that figs are high in fructose and hence should be consumed in moderate quantity.
  • Figs can be dried and stored for a longer time.

In conclusion, we would like to say that figs are extremely nutritious fruits which can be consumed in moderate quantities. Whenever figs are in season, take the opportunity to include them in your diet.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article on the Health Benefits of Figs.

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