Best workout foods

Those who work out in a gym always categorize their eating into these three forms. The pre-work out snacks, the fluids that can be had during the workout and the post-workout meal. Most of the fitness instructors and nutritionists would agree that the best foods to be taken before a work out are fruits.

You need carbohydrates to help you work out. It is a good idea to have a mixture of complex and simple carbohydrates which will provide you with all the required energy at proper intervals.

The Best Workout Foods are

I) Before work out meals

1. Banana

It is an all-time favourite because of its sugar and potassium content which is needed the most during your work out. Fruits give you quick energy because the sugar and potassium level need to be raised when you sweat a lot. Sometimes people eat sliced banana on a whole wheat bread as it has good combination of simple and complex carbohydrates.

2. Oat meal with fruits

This is another good meal before a work out as it gradually releases sugar in your blood stream. The chopped fruits added will increase the sugar and water content and keep you hydrated.

3. Fresh fruit and skimmed yogurt smoothies

This is one more healthy way by which you can mix all the healthy fruits that you like with skimmed yoghurt and a dash of honey and lemon.

II) Fluids to be had while working out

It is preferable to drink fluids while working out. For e.g., plain water with orange, cucumber, sweet lime or any other fruits, coconut water, lemon water etc. Avoid concentrated or canned fruit juices as they are high in sugar.

III) Meal post work out

  1. Post workout, your body is in a recovery mode. You need to ideally eat within 30 minutes of your work out. Remember exercise puts stress on your muscles, joints and bones and your body loses essential nutrients during the work out. Post work out your body needs to be replenished with essential foods and also as it already has a high metabolic rate, your calories are burned at a higher rate. A great post work out meal is grilled chicken and mixed vegetables with a little olive oil, vegetable omelette, whole wheat vegetable grilled sandwich etc. These meals replenish the nutrients that have been depleted and provide energy to fuel your post exercise metabolism.
  2. It is truly said that “you are what you eat”. Your body is in a continuous process of healing, repairing and rebuilding and so it need nutrients continuously from the foods you eat. Eating clean, healthy and nutrient rich food can help your body function better and are less susceptible to premature aging, injury and disease.

Some other key points to be kept in mind are as follows:

  1. Most of the time our bodies are used to eating the same food for long periods of time, so at that point of time your body plateaus. In other words it is not responding well to the foods that you are continuously eating. It is time to change and come out of your comfort zone. New healthy foods, vegetables and different style of healthy cooking, change in the diet can make your body function better. Your metabolism improves and you may even lose weight. Change your diet and make it more healthy and balanced.
  2. Also remember to keep your body hydrated. If you sweat excessively then you need to replenish your body with some fluids like coconut water or lemon water etc. The general rule is to drink at least two cups of fluids two hours before the workout, another two cups 15 minutes prior to the workout and drink water every 15 minutes to keep you hydrated.

Therefore these are some of the important tips to help you stay healthy during your workout schedule.

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