Woman Power in India

Woman Power in India

In this article I want to show you how India is truly evolving and how Woman Power in India is Improving.

Very often we read the inspiring stories of women and how they stood behind their husband. Here I candidly recall one genuine incidence which had a very strong impact on me.

Woman Power in India – A True Story

My friend Tina was full of life and laughter and had a happy-go-lucky nature. I first met her almost 25 years before when I was doing my post-graduation studies. She had no place for marriage or boyfriends in her life. Whenever there was any discussion about marriage, children, family responsibilities etc., she used to make fun of our debates. She never believed that one could ever fall in love at first sight. Her theory was, “Lust, love and romance last for the first few years. Everything is new at that time and people in love see everything through rose coloured glasses. But then as years pass by everything changes and they start seeing the real colours of married life. 

But as fate would have it, she fell in love with her colleague John and decided to get married.

It was sort of shocking and at the same time exciting news for all of us. She was extremely enthusiastic with her shopping and preparing for the D-Day. John too was busy with his own preparations, running here and there and at the same time managing his office responsibilities. In between he started complaining about fatigue and exhaustion. One evening John returned from his office looking totally miserable. Everyone thought that this could be the consequence of over exertion. He visited his family doctor and after doing a routine check-up, the doctor jokingly advised John to retain his energy for his post-wedding vacation to Maldives. After few days, again he came back from office complaining about nausea and fatigue. This time around, his parents suggested that he go for a detailed medical check-up. It was just a month before their wedding and John was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He told Tina to call off their relationship and cancel the marriage. Tina’s reply was, “you cannot choose how and when you are going to die but you can certainly decide how you are going to live.

What if you had got your reports a month after the wedding?” She assured him, “Just assume you are on sabbatical leave. With my salary, we can at least bring in the bread, if not the butter. So bravo, my darling!” 

It was not an ordinary decision. Their future plans took a complete about turn. On one hand there were bitter arguments from Tina’s family but on the other hand John’s parents were spellbound to see Tina’s sacrifice. A month’s hospitalization and several chemo cycles later, John was able to move out freely. In between, many springs and autumns passed but they remained glued together despite all the turmoil. Finally, this amazing duo walked to the altar and tied the knot. After the wedding ceremony, their priest slipped out, trying to hold back his tears saying ‘I have performed hundreds of weddings, but this is the most wonderful one I have done so far’. Today John and Tina have adopted a girl and are enjoying a wonderful family life. They spend quality time together. They enjoy an iconic status. Bringing up their lovely daughter is the motto of their life. Tina is truly an inspiration and a great example of  woman power. She is a role model for us. 

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Hope you enjoyed this article Woman Power in India.

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