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This week we will be talking in detail about a site called Whatsstatus.com

In the recent years direct messages and instant chat has taken over the way we communicate with others. Today it’s almost impossible to find a friend or a family member who is not on Whatsapp. Whatsapp is an instant messaging platform which was purchased by Facebook in the year 2014. It currently boasts of having over a 700 million active users. In the last couple of months they have introduced essential features like end to end encryption, sending documents like pdf files, word docs etc and whatsapp statuses which is found to mimic the Snapchats Stories feature. Thus people tend to use whatsapp for almost all aspects of their life i.e. both personal and professional.

People also want to appear smart and trendy especially in front of their friends. And what better way than to show that you’re verbose on Whatsapp. That’s where this new startup Whatsstatus.com comes in. Whatsstatus.com is the world’s biggest community for whatsapp status writers. This site is a user content generated site where everyone can sign up for an account and can post Whatsapp statuses. The site boasts of a very active user database and at times gets over 100+ unique user generates status updates per day. The site went live in July 2016 and currently has over 40,000 + writers and has published over 15400 statuses. Now here comes the best part, Whatsstatus.com pays their writers for their hardwork. According to the CEO, Abhinav Jain, Whatsstatus.com has paid over Rs17,000 to it’s writers.

Some of the categories are as follows

A few examples of some of the witty statuses are as follows.

Category – Creative Expression

Category – Sorry Messages


The site has enough content to keep a person busy with smart and trendy statuses for years to come. This is truly a site which has one of the Best Whatsapp Status Ever.

If you want to look smart on whatsapp then be free to check out Whatsstatus.com.  You could update your own status by using some of their content or you could sign up and add your own though provoking content to the site which others could use.

Hope you enjoyed this short profile of Whatsstatus.com

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