What Is Your Body Type

What Is Your Body Type

Christmas is a festive time when most of us are off the diet and would like to eat and relish Christmas delicacies. Many of us plan a pre-Christmas workout in order to be in good shape. Before you plan any exercise regime, it would be good to understand your body type and how it works. In this article, we talk about What Is Your Body Type.

Understanding the needs of your body will help you focus on the target areas where you want to see results.

What Is Your Body Type

How does your body move?

Your body comprises of about 200 bones that support your body and allows you to move. Muscles fixed to the end of the bones permit an enormous range of movement. However, if joints and muscles aren’t regularly exercised, they become stiff and immobile leading to pain.

Let us see how we can build muscles for a healthy body.

Muscles are made of millions of tiny filaments that relax and contract to produce movements. Most muscles are attached to the bones by tendons and are controlled by the brain. Movement happens when the muscles pull on tendons, which in turn move the bones at the joints.

You should keep the following in mind while doing muscle building exercises.

  1. Start with the easiest movements and then progress to the difficult ones.
  2. Perform all the movements in a slow and controlled manner, until your strength and confidence is properly coordinated.

Let us understand why toned muscles look better.

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. A well-toned body will make you feel good, look better and increase your self-confidence. Some of the things that a well-toned body lead to are listed below:

  • You will look good in the majority of the clothes that you choose to wear.
  • You will have a high level of self-confidence.
  • Your posture like standing, sitting and walking will be good.
  • You will not suffer from any back discomfort.

The next thing on the list will be to understand your current level of fitness.

Take a Sports instructor’s guidance.

If you are new to exercise or have not exercised for a long period, then it is best to get proper advice from a trained fitness instructor. It would also be good to take a doctor’s opinion if you are suffering from any disease, to understand its impact on your exercise regime.

Check your resting heart rate.

You can check your resting heart rate first thing in the morning. Resting heart rate is nothing but taking your pulse rate on your wrist when you are not exercising. Use a stopwatch or simply count the number of times your pulse beats over 10 seconds. Multiply this figure by 6 to calculate the number of times your pulse beats over a minute. This figure is your resting heart rate. For most of us, the rate will be between 60 to 80.The fitter you are, the lower will be the resting heart rate.

Now let us look at the different basic body types.

Generally, everybody falls into one of the categories of the three different body types. Many of us will not fall into a single body type category, but you need to understand the predominant qualities of each type. If you have predominant qualities of any particular type, then you fall into that category.

The three body types are broadly classified as:


If you are endomorph then your body will tend to be pear-shaped. Your hips will be broader than your shoulders and you will have a wide bone structure. Your body will be more curved than other body types. You may also be prone to gaining weight and storing fats. Aerobics is a good exercise activity for this group.


This type of body is of average weight, neither too skinny nor too fat. Your shoulders may be wider than your hips. You may have a tendency to gain muscle easily. Your body fat will be less and in limit and so it will be easy for you to lose weight. You can do running, be jogging or brisk walking as an exercise regime.


This type of body has a thin and small frame. Your shoulders and hips will be narrow. You will have very little body fat. You have a narrow chest, stomach, thin arms and legs. Do exercises which suit your body, as you tend to get tired and exhausted soon.

The other common type we hear is the apple or pear-shaped body. Remember if you have an apple shaped body, then you tend to put on weight around your stomach, chest, and abdomen. Pear-shaped people store fat below the waistline, like the thighs, bottom, and hips. Modern research has indicated that a pear-shaped body is healthier than an apple shaped body.

Finally, in conclusion, we would like to say that you need to choose your exercise workouts wisely, depending upon your body type. A good workout will lead to good abs and muscle building, leading to a toned confident body in time for Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed this article What Is Your Body Type.Please read our earlier article on Avoid muscle injuries. To know more please click here  Muscle relaxers.

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