Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid

Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid

Today’s generation is very health conscious and would like to try out various health options in their day to day lifves. Food is one of the most important factors in staying healthy. In our overdrive to eat healthy all the time, we sometimes make mistakes. Therefore it is important to follow correct and healthy habits. In this article, we talk about the Top 6 Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid.

Some of the basic things about good health is to have 3 proper meals a day. Do not skip breakfast, as it is one of the most important meals of the day. Remember that around lunch time the body becomes a little sluggish because of the rise in blood sugar.

Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid

Some of the mistakes that you need to avoid are listed below :

1. Drinking diet soft drinks and canned fruit juices.

Many people think that diet soft drinks have zero calories and are healthy. Also, they often go in for sugar-free canned drinks or other juices, thinking that these are healthier options and they will not put on weight.

Research has clearly indicated that drinking diet drinks increase weight. They also increase the risk of stroke and dementia. Canned fruit juices have a high amount of sugar, which is harmful to the body. We encourage you to eat fresh fruits and drink fresh lime water or coconut water, instead of fizzy diet colas.

2. Swapping sugar for sugar-free.

Many people are swapping sugar for sugar-free. FDA has approved only 5 artificial sweeteners. Moreover sugar-free consists of sucralose, which is a derivative of sugar and can be harmful to the body.

It is good to substitute sugar with natural honey or jaggery. It is important to note the number of nutrients you would get from 1 tbsp of honey or jaggery. Eating any food in the right quantity is the key to maintaining good health.

3. Assuming all natural and herbal products are safe.

Many a time we make the common mistake of assuming that all herbal and natural products are good for health. All products, including herbal and natural products have their own benefits and risks. It is important to understand and read the fine print to gauge whether a product would be helpful to you. Always use products which are certified by a recognized government authority, for e.g., the FDA or any other Medical Association, as they would enable us to understand the side effects of any herbal or natural medicine.

4. Following wrong diet rules and expecting results too soon.

Many people go on a diet without understanding their individual body requirements. They go on a crash diet by refusing to eat and also keep long gaps in between meals. When long gaps are kept, you eat more and so the purpose of going on a diet is defeated. Hunger pangs also lead to overeating.

Once people lose the initial few pounds easily, they want to maintain the same pace for the rest of the weight loss program. In reality, the last 5 to 10 pounds are the most difficult to lose and you will need to be patient, diligent and disciplined. Right eating combined with a good exercise regime will help you to lose weight appropriately.

5.Taking vitamins and other supplements after breakfast.

Most people take vitamins and supplements immediately after having breakfast. Latest research indicates that hot foods like porridge etc., hinder the absorption of iron in multivitamins. Many medical practitioners recommend taking supplements, not alongwith food but after sometime, inorder to have better absorption of vitamins.

6. Applying too much of sunscreen blocks vitamin D.

In order to protect the skin from sun damage, many of us apply too much of sunscreen, which actually blocks the vitamin D. The result is that many people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. More than 90% of your vitamin D requirements can be sourced from sunshine. Vitamin D helps to keep the bones healthy and to build a strong immune system. While it is important to protect the skin from sun damage, it is equally important for the body to get good sunshine in order to meet its Vitamin D requirements.

 Some of the other common mistakes we make are listed below :

  • Not having a proper eating plan.
  • Only interested in losing weight at any cost.
  • Either exercising too much or too little.
  • Eating too much or too little calories, fiber and proteins.
  • Not reading the food labels correctly before buying things.
  • Starving to lose weight.
  • Wrong back postures and carrying heavy bags.
  • Either sleeping too much or too little.
  • Anxiety and stress.
  • Avoid eating a fat diet (Pl. Note – healthy fats are important constituents of a good diet)
  • Restricting or eliminating a particular food group from your diet.
  • Avoiding salt completely. (Please Note – the body needs salt to stay healthy)

These are some of the mistakes we make, which need to be avoided in order to stay healthy. Lead a lifestyle which encourages healthy food, proper exercise, good rest and stay stress-free.

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