Weight Loss : How to Increase Metabolism Fast

Weight Loss _ How to Increase Metabolism Fast

Losing weight is no easy or fast process. It requires a lot of dedication and time and can be quite tedious at times. Some people give up during the process because they do not see any changes quickly enough. But who can blame them?  It takes a lot of guts and sweat to start seeing progress and during the first month or two, it’s an uphill battle. However, once you manage to pull through this period, it gets easier. In this post we talk about Weight Loss : How to Increase Metabolism Fast

But, physical exercise isn’t the only method by which you can lose weight. You need to combine a healthy diet with physical activity.

Now, when you change your diet, your metabolism changes. In most people, the metabolism slows down and this is why diets often increase weight, rather than reducing it. 

Weight Loss: How to Increase Metabolism Fast

Pick Protein for Lunch

Whatever diet you pick, you can’t stop eating protein. Protein is the main contributor to muscle gain and energy. Protein is also a great metabolism speed increaser, which means that just one meal a day containing protein should be enough to help you lose weight quickly. One of the best bets at eating tasty protein and gaining its benefits is chicken.

Chicken can be prepared in a multitude of ways, so be sure to take a look at different chicken recipes.

Brew Up Some Green Tea

Some call green tea the ‘metabolism potion’, as it is one of the most potent drinks for increasing metabolism. Research has proven that green tea promotes fat burning, so it doesn’t just increase the metabolism, it also helps to lose weight. If you want to achieve the best effects and gain the maximum benefits, let your tea sit for a couple of minutes (3 should be enough) before you start drinking it. And don’t let it sit out for too long because it will get cold and you won’t gain its full effects.

Drink More Cold Water

Cold water is very effective at burning fat. How is this possible you may ask? Well, it’s all down to the temperature of the water. See, when you drink ice-cold water, your body works extra hard to warm it up for safe consumption. Your body can’t process cold water and it essentially warms it up. This doesn’t burn a lot of calories but when added up, it can be useful. Just don’t drink it too cold so that you don’t get sick or damage your throat!

Do a High-Intensity Workout

High-Intensity workouts aren’t what you think they are. The name doesn’t mean that you exercise for an hour or two with even more vigor and strength; it means that you do short burst-workouts that require a lot of energy. These workouts are quick, yet very effective at improving the metabolic rate. The biggest plus about them is that this increase in metabolic rate doesn’t just disappear after you’re done working out – it stays that way even after you’ve finished!

Add a couple of these workouts to your workout schedule and watch as your weight lowers as fast as lightning!

Eat Spicy Food

The spicy food contains capsaicin, a component that has been shown to improve metabolism. Spicy food cannot outright lower your weight as it takes a long time to do so (one study has shown that if you were to eat adequate doses of spicy food for the capsaicin to affect for 6.5 years, you’d lose only half a kilogram). By itself, it doesn’t contribute a lot to weight loss but needs to be combined with other weight loss strategies.

It does, however, help with your metabolism increase but again, only slightly. You could also check out a specific fast metabolism diet that is effective and healthy.

Go Organic

Organic food is amazing because you know it’s fresh, it’s natural and it doesn’t contain any additives. Did you know that junk food can hurt your metabolism? It’s true that junk food can mess with how quickly and effectively your body processes food and everything else.

By eating organic produce and products without additives, you’re directly contributing to the efficiency of your metabolism. Plus, it’s never a bad idea to start eating organic!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Not getting enough sleep at night has been linked to weakened metabolism and weight gain. You should always strive to sleep enough during the night so that the body can regenerate itself. Don’t stay up late and sleep through the afternoon just because you aren’t sleepy. There are methods to deal with this as well, such as working out! Once you’re tired, your body won’t have a choice and you’ll want to go to sleep.

Remember: Your body is as effective as how much rest you give it!

Hope you liked our article Weight Loss: How to Increase Metabolism Fast

Author :  The article is written by Joshua who has keen interest in Fitness and Weight Loss.

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