Walking As Exercise

Walking As Exercise

Most of us walk everyday for some reason or the other. Research has proven that brisk walking is a good exercise. It is one of the safest exercises that one can do at any point in time. Most of us argue about the lack of time for doing any exercise. Often we hear people say that they don’t have time and energy to go to a nearby gym and work out. Morning brisk walking can give you a host of health benefits. In this post we talk about Walking As Exercise.

Research has proven that plain simple walking everyday for 30 minutes reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity considerably. It is a simple exercise that can fit in any of your busy schedules. Walking diligently every day will help to keep your weight in control and your muscles healthy. It is good to do 30 minutes of brisk walking, 5 times a week.

Walking is a comparatively easier exercise as compared to running or any other vigorous gym exercises. All you need to do is to build up your walking program slowly inorder to increase your strength and stamina. Walking is an exercise for the full body such as the muscles, joints, feet, knees, thighs, hips, hand movements etc.

Walking As Exercise

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of walking.

1. Walking is very good for the heart.

In the good old days, people walked long distances. There was very little transport and the same was meant for long distances only. One of the benefits people had in the good old days was that their hearts were healthy and they did not suffer from any cardiovascular diseases.

Today, things have changed drastically and you have all possible transport facilities available. Today, we don’t want to walk even for a 5-minute distance and prefer to take the car.

Brisk walking helps in reducing bad cholesterol, high blood pressure and other heart diseases. Ideally, you should be walking at a pace wherein you are comfortable talking but not singing. This pace gives a good workout to the heart.

2. Walking helps you enjoy the outdoor environment.

One of the major disadvantages of our hectic life is that we are disconnected with our surroundings. Everyday you have a choice to watch a beautiful sunrise, birds chirping, butterflies or other beautiful nature sights, which can make the heart happy. You can enjoy the same while exercising in the morning and you can also get a free dose of vitamin D from the sunlight while enjoying nature.

One of the major advantages of walking is that you are able to enjoy nature. Your heart is filled with gratitude and thankfulness for God’s creation. This helps in relieving stress.

3. Walking helps in preventing diseases like diabetes, bone diseases and obesity.

Walking helps in reducing the blood sugar levels thereby keeping the insulin levels low. Research has also indicated that walking for around 15 to 20 minutes after meals helps in regulating and controlling the blood sugar levels.

Walking also helps in controlling obesity by increasing the metabolism, thereby burning calories. A regular regimen of brisk walking also helps in keeping your weight in control and helps in losing belly fat.

Walking also helps in preventing many bone diseases like osteoporosis and in giving relief to arthritis. Walking is a gentle exercise which can be done by people suffering from chronic diseases. Walking also helps in strengthening the bone structure likes muscles, veins, calves etc.  It also improves the circulatory system in your body.

4. Walking is easy and affordable.

You don’t need a fancy gym membership or clothes or any other accessories to start walking. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes which can be used for other purposes also. You can walk alone or with family or friends and strengthen your bonds.

Research has indicated that many couples who walked together daily, have great communication which helps in strengthening their marriage. If you walk alone, you can simultaneously listen to some peaceful music (in my cases, I listen to Christian worship songs)which can help you calm down and be at peace. 

5. Walking helps in giving relief from depression and anxiety.

Walking helps in improving your moods by releasing feel-good chemicals like endorphins in the body. It helps in giving relief from depression by making you feel happy. Just walking and enjoying nature will give you a very peaceful and gratifying feeling. This will help in removing the stress, depression, and anxiety.

6. Walking will help you sleep better.

Any exercise that includes walking will help the body to get tired. At the end of the day because of your daily exercise which includes walking, you will to go to sleep early as you would be tired. Your sleep will also be better and you will feel refreshed in the morning.

7. Walking helps in better coordination in the body.

Walking helps in greater flexibility and improved coordination in the body. Simple things like becoming inactive and lethargic will stay away from you. It will keep your bones, muscles and other parts of the body healthy.

Some tips to get started on walking are listed below :

  • Decide on a stipulated time in the morning or in the evening when you will walk.
  • Start slowly with 15 minutes and then gradually increase the walking time.
  • Always choose walking in doing your other jobs like climbing up the staircase or walking to a nearby store etc.
  • Choose a safe area for walking like a garden or sidewalks.
  • Drink lots of water and keep your body hydrated.

These are some of the benefits of walking. We are sure that you will be encouraged to use walking as an option more frequently. Adaption of walking in your lifestyle will bring in a host of benefits for the body.

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