VLCC Radiance Gold Facial Review

VLCC Radiance Gold Facial Review

Indian women are very attracted towards gold, whether it is gold jewellery or even a gold facial. Gold is one of the most integral parts of our lives. In the last few years, gold facial has been gaining popularity. Let us understand what gold facial is all about and why we should try VLCC gold facial. In this article, we do a VLCC Radiance Gold Facial Review.

Many salons and spa charge exorbitantly for these gold facials. So we feel that we cannot afford it. But in reality products like VLCC  gold facials are easily available in the market and can be tried at home at a much lesser and affordable cost.

What are gold facials?

Gold facial is normally a facial that is availed at a beauty spa and salon. It is the application of a 24-carat gold facial mask, which is applied to the skin to get a good skin glow and abundant other benefits.

The top benefits of a gold facial are listed below –

  1. It reduces wrinkles and has anti ageing effects.
  2. Further, it enhances the youthful glow on the skin.
  3. It brightens up your dull skin.
  4. It reduces the blemishes and dark spots.
  5. It is good on all types of skin.
  6. It improves the blood circulation and ensures elasticity of the skin.
  7. It removes toxins and eases out sun damage.
  8. It activates the process of cell renewal and rejuvenation.

VLCC Radiance Gold Facial Review

VLCC offers one of the best types of gold facial at a very reasonable cost. It has tried to include the best benefits of the gold metal in its gold facial kit.

This gold facial kit consists of gold scrub, Comfrey cleanser cum toner,  gold gel, gold peel off mask, gold cream and oil-free moisturizing gel. This kit is complete in all respect. Ideally, you should do a gold facial in a spa or salon to get the best benefits. But with a product like VLCC gold facial and their clear-cut instructions, you can easily do it at home.

The VLCC Gold radiance facial kit consists of 6 gold facial sachets which can last for 6 sessions. As mentioned above each sachet consists of  Comfrey cleanser cum toner, gold scrub, gold gel, gold cream, gold peel off mask and oil-free moisturizing gel, which will give you a complete user experience.

The gold scrub consists of turmeric and gold leaf which helps in cleaning your face by removing the germs. It is made of lemon peel and gold oxide. Further, the gold gel is made of gallnut and gold leaf that helps to accelerate the process of cell regeneration. This is an important part of the VLCC Radiance Gold Facial Review.

The gold cream consists of wheat germ and rose petal extracts which help to make your skin soft and supple. The other nourishing ingredients used in VLCC Gold radiance facial are vitamin E, Vitamin C, Sandalwood, aloe vera and xanthan gum etc. The box consists of a detailed set of instructions to help users understand clearly how to use each one of the products included in the kit.

Here we will offer you some of the tips for using the VLCC Gold radiance facial – 

  • Clean your face with the Comfrey cleanser cum toner properly.
  • Now exfoliate your skin by scrubbing your face in a gentle upward motion with the gold facial scrub.
  • Massage gently with the gold cream and gold gel. Take time so that your skin absorbs the maximum goodness as your rub the gold cream on your face and neck. The cream or the gel should be left on the face and neck for some time before wiping it off with a soft wet cloth.
  • Now apply the gold peel off mask on your skin. Let it completely dry on your skin. Remove the mask softly after it is dried up.
  • Now apply a cold compress for about 10 minutes and use the oil-free moisturizing gel on your skin to get a super glowing skin.

Gold facials are usually charged from around Rs 1000/- to Rs 2500/- depending upon the type of the salon. The product VLCC is a reputed brand and comes at a discounted price which is much more affordable.

So today we encourage you to try this gold facial as it is completely safe on your skin. In order to get that radiant and glowing moisturized skin, please buy the VLCC Gold Radiance Facial at a discounted price. Please click here(Amazon link)

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