The Unlikely Music Teacher

My name is Jill Tauro. I have been a music teacher since the age of 16. It all started quite by accident helping a child who did not have a piano at home and requested the use of ours. She told her mum she understood more from me than her teacher and asked if I could I teach her instead. Reluctantly I agreed asking the advice of my own piano teacher. A few weeks later she brought along her friend from school asking if I would teach her too and the rest as they say is history.

I managed to teach while in college and it helped in supporting my educational and personal expenses. 

It also gave me a sense of self esteem and I quickly learnt how to handle finances at a young age and save for those things I couldn’t ask mom and dad to buy.  It helped me enjoy the pleasures of small indulgences. Knowing that you have earned it via the sweat of your brow makes the prize even sweeter.

I have always enjoyed a good rapport with children and built lots of lasting relationships with my students and their families over the last 35 years. Many are still in touch with me. And I am still in touch with my music teachers, and will be ever grateful to them for shaping my musical ability. Of course all glory goes to Jesus who blessed me with the talent. 

Jill Tauro

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