Tips for maintaining a clean kitchen

The perfect kitchen is the one that suits your lifestyle. The kitchen is the centre of your home. If the kitchen is dirty then the whole house looks dirty, but if the kitchen is clean then it just enhances the beauty and hygiene of the whole house.

Here are some of the simple tips to keep your kitchen clean:

1.  To maintain the hygiene, you need to keep all the kitchen work surfaces clean. Wipe the surfaces with an antibacterial solution.
2. Do not prepare the food directly on the work surface area. It is unhygienic. Use a chopping board for cutting and other purposes.
3. Use a wooden board or a heat proof pan to rest your hot pans.
4. There are many inaccessible and hard to reach areas which need to be diligently cleaned with the help of a toothbrush or other thin brushes dipped in antibacterial or bleach solutions.
5. Avoid food stains or rusty stains by cleaning the damaged spot immediately.
6. The cutlery stand should be perforated so that all the excess water is drained out and not collected. Clean the holder regularly to avoid the dirt from collecting.
7. Avoid clogging of the drain pipe in the sink with chunks of washed vegetables or other foods.
8. Use a perforated tray or basket to drain the excess water off the washed utensils.
9. Keep kitchen knives, ladles and other cutting items safely so that they are not damaged and will not cause any injuries.
Hang up long spoons which have holes in their handles. This will help utilise space and they will also be available to use easily.
10. Do not keep knives in the drawers. They will rub against each other and become blunt.

Some other additional tips are listed below :

1. Wash the wooden spoons and the spatula regularly to keep them clean .

This will prevent them from accumulating dirt and grease. If the wooden utensils appear too dry, then brush them lightly with oil and then remove the excess oil with tissue paper. Their appearance will be restored.

2. Use a toothbrush to clean graters and lemon crushers etc.

To remove the strong odour, dip the tooth brush in soda bicarbonate.

3. Wipe the front and the back of all kitchen appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, ovens and cabinets regularly.

4. Rearrange your food stock and pantry regularly to know what is needed and also to throw away the old stuff.

5. Scrub the sink and faucet regularly.

6. Stack heavy pans carefully by inverting the lid of the pan and then placing the next pan above it.

This will take care of the weight of the pans. Rearrange pots and pans for better space usage.

7. Never clean the saucepans with a wired scrub. It will damage the coat of the pan.

Instead wash the pan with clean water and a little washing liquid and then wipe it with paper towels.

8. Organise and keep things properly.

The items which are used the most have to be kept handy.

These are some easy and best ways to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic.

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