Things to avoid at the Gym

Things To Avoid At The Gym

Everyone wants to be healthy and hence many of us take extra care to eat right and to exercise regularly. Many people like going to gym, eating right and exercising regularly. Exercising in a proper fashion is the key to staying healthy. In this article, we talk about the Things to avoid at the Gym.

Everyone who hits the gym has a goal in mind and a proper exercise plan. Most exercises are done under the guidance of a fitness expert. However in some cases, people don’t take the advice of a fitness instructor and they try to do things on their own. With so many types of equipments and different types of training styles, it is very easy to get tempted to attempt to do things which might not be appropriate for you.

Things To Avoid At The Gym

Here are some mistakes you need to avoid while exercising in the gym –

1. Dress appropriately for the gym.

Dressing appropriately for your workout will help you exercise properly. Wear a proper tracksuit and shoes in order to exercise comfortably. Carry your own towels to wipe the sweat. Women need to ensure that they avoid using makeup while working out in the gym. Carry your gym bag which has the necessary accessories like your water bottle, towel, protein shakes, fruits like bananas etc.

2. Always warm up properly before exercising.

It is important to do proper warm-up exercises like stretching inorder to prepare the muscles for the workout. Doing a proper warm-up will avoid injury and will help in your work out.

3. Do not spend all the time on cardio exercises, instead have a proper balanced workout.

Many gym instructors and fitness experts will make you spend hours on a treadmill which is wrong. You need to understand the goal of making your body fit. It will differ from person to person. So if you want to reduce your belly fat then walking and running on a treadmill alone will not help. You will need to find an appropriate workout that will help you lose weight in those areas that you want to lose weight. Therefore it is important to make a plan under a proper fitness expert and even consult your doctor on the work out plan.

4. Avoid taking advice from fellow gym mates and other distractions.

You need to focus while working out. Do not let your smartphone or any other distractions take you away from your goal. Moreover many find new friends while working out. These so-called gym experts often give different types of advice pertaining to different exercise styles. Do not try any new exercise style without taking the advice of a fitness expert. Many people have seriously injured themselves by taking advise from their fellow gym mates.

Try being away from any talkative gym mates who will take your focus away from exercising. Also be away from people who don’t like exercise and feel forced to come to the gym and exercise. They will drain out your zeal and enthusiasm towards working out.

5. Trying to do bigger weights and dumbbells.

It is important to take the help and advice of a fitness expert. Do not struggle to attempt bigger weights or dumbbells. Definitely, you need to test your strength but at the same time you also need to take adequate precaution. Experts say that lifting heavy weights should only be considered when you have good muscle mass and you are fit. Never attempt anything heavy at the first go but slowly build it up over a period of time. Therefore avoid getting injured by attempting to do bigger weights.

6. Listen to the advice of your fitness expert and do not be stubborn and egoistic.

Every instructor will have his or her own way of teaching.  After studying your case, they will advise you some specific exercises and how to go about doing it. Some people are not used to listening to instructions and so they either don’t follow proper instructions or they do things on their own. It is in your interest to be in proper coordination with your fitness expert in order to get the best results.

7. Do not experiment too much or use too much of exercise equipment.

Many newcomers who try the gym for the first time would love to experiment with new things. It is very important to start with the basics and then work your way up, under the guidance of a fitness expert. Experimenting too much due to ignorance or even showing off can land you with serious injuries.

Any fitness expert will inform you that exercising using your body weight and free weight is one of the safest and most effective forms of exercise. Machine training reduces your motion and flexibility, which results in more stress and fewer results. So do not be tempted to use each and every instrument or machine in your gym. Use the ones which will help you in achieving your fitness goal.

8. Get your meal plans scheduled properly according to your exercise regime.

It is important to know that there should be a gap of at least 2 hours between your meals and your workout. Plan your meal timing with healthy options, which will help you to successfully lose weight and stay fit.

Many people also think that a good work out will give them the right to eat junk and unhealthy food.  Remember the point of working out is to keep your body healthy.

These are some of the mistakes that we commit while going to a gym. It would be good to take care of these small things, which will not only help you in avoiding any serious injuries but will also help in keeping you fit.

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