The Career Decision Making Process

This article focuses on  The Career Decision Making Process. Choosing the right career is a hard decision for a young child trying to navigate his way through life. Below are some tips which will help your child make the right career move. 

There is an old wise proverb that says

 Think about the things you would like doing, if you did not have to work

For e.g., if you want to be an artist then you need to join an art school or if you are interested in traveling then you could consider being a pilot or working for an airline. Answering this question will help you to enroll for the correct course that aligns with your interests. Always consider your dream career as the first option and then find ways of achieving it.

By the time children start preparing for their 10th board examination, they are more focused and are reasonably aware of what they want to do in life. There are many competitive exams like IIT-JEE, MHCET, All India Pre- Medical Test (AIPMT), AIIMS entrance examinations etc., which can open several good options for your career in the future.

Most of the time students give up on their dream careers because they feel that these exams are too difficult to crack. But in reality, they are wrong. Proper planning, time management, choosing the right subjects and proper mentoring by an expert plays an important role in helping you climb up the ladder.

The Career Decision Making Process:

Take the advice of a career counselor. The career counselor will provide you with detailed information on the subjects of your interest, which you might have overlooked or were not aware of. So the first thing to make a right career move is to seek the right career counseling.

  • The career counselor will suggest an aptitude test which will give you better clarity about your career choice.
  • The next step will be enrolling for the right coaching classes. You need to check the success rate of these classes and it needs to be above 90%. Another point to be considered is the background of teachers or founders of these coaching classes. Ideally, they should have cleared these competitive exams.
  • Develop your study circle friends who can help and guide you through this process. It is easier to discuss and solve problems with others who have the same goal i.e., to clear and top the exams. Enrolling in a good coaching class will give you continuous guidance throughout the year and will also help you gain confidence through the multiple practice tests.
  • Parents need to be a great source of motivation and encouragement for their children, as they might be a bit apprehensive in taking the right decision.

The career Decision-Making Model:

a) Make a timetable and adhere to the same diligently.
b) Practice a lot of sample papers of the past years.
c) Seek guidance from past students and also professors on how to study and which books to read etc.
d) Have a healthy schedule and also have a friend circle of those who will be appearing for the same competitive exams, as it will motivate you and you will maintain a high morale.
e) Avoid Social Media like Facebook, Whats app and others in order to be more focused.
f) Positive approach, hard work and time management can release your stress. Listening to music, going for a short nature walk or talking with friends and family can relieve your stress.

It is important to have all the knowledge about the competitive exams, their tie-ups with foreign institutes, job placements, scholarships etc.

The more you practice, the better you will be prepared. It is important to be sure about your answers as wrong answers will have negative marking. This will have an impact on your scoring.

While analyzing the past papers and the syllabus, it is important to understand how much time to dedicate for a particular section and also which section to be more focused on and which section would need the least attention.

There are many other factors which you need to take into consideration while making a career decision, such as your financial ability to fund your education, careers that help to get jobs more easily, family owned businesses or if your parents are doctors or engineers and have their own practice etc. The above points will definitely help you in making the right career move.

Remember, it is obvious that you will be a little stressed before the exams, but if you have diligently prepared for the same on a daily basis then you need to be confident as the results will be in your favor.

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Hope you enjoyed this article on The Career Decision Making Process and The Career Decision Making Model. Please comment below if you have any further questions.

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