Steps To Overcome Depression

Steps To Overcome Depression

All of us have experienced pain, grief and other difficult situations in life. Everyone goes through their own share of difficult times in life. It is during these times that your character and strength is tested and you become aware of your actual inner strength and coping skills. In this article we will talk about Steps To Overcome Depression .

Most of the time, due to the sudden occurrence of a difficult situation in our life, we are overcome with fear. It is thus very important to keep fear out and think rationally and calmly to overcome these difficult situations.

Steps To Overcome Depression

Control your emotions.

At the onset of any difficult situation in life, do not let your emotions like fear, anger, resentment or depression take over you. Though it may be difficult, it is not impossible. The more you keep your emotions under control, the better you will be able to deal with these difficult situations.

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Change is important in life.

Most people are afraid to accept change. They exhibit resistance to change. It is important not to cling to the past or what you have, but to accept that it’s time to move on. Change can help you to improve and grow.

Many successful people would agree that facing difficult situations has helped them change and take radical steps, which in turn has helped them to become successful.  What is not working needs to be changed in your life, leading to a stronger and resilient life.

If they would not have changed at that point of time, they would have been stuck, lost and depressed.

Do not give up at any cost.

Everybody faces difficult situations in life, but it depends on how you react to it.  Somebody aptly said, ”Life is 10% of What happens to me and 90% of How I react to it”.

The easiest thing is to give up and fall into a deep depression, letting somebody else take decisions on your behalf. But this could be the most harmful thing that you could do to yourself.  Give yourself some time and avoid getting frustrated, anxious or angry.

Remember all these toxic emotions are going to have a negative effect on your body as well. It’s time you need to be healthier than ever before. So rest, eat properly and think with a calm mind.

Accept things which are beyond your control.

Remember that there will be many things that will be beyond your control, e.g. it could be the death of a loved one or a sudden financial calamity.

It is good to accept things beyond your control and then take measures to act wisely and respond to these situations. These will be the times when you will have to take difficult decisions for a strong and better future.

Give yourself a temporary break.

If you have been thinking about your situation day and night, it is only going to worsen and make you feel more helpless. What you need is a short break. You can go out for a cup of coffee with a good friend and share your heart.

Humour is a great stress reliever and helps release tension. Chat with somebody who can make you laugh and de-stress you. Humour is not taking the seriousness of the situation away but is rejuvenating you to look at the situation in a more positive way. It helps to understand that there is more to life than this difficult situation which is staring at you.

Always know that there is a beautiful morning at the end of the dark night.

No matter how difficult the situation you might be facing is, remember that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel. Your circumstances are not going to be same for too long. You should take small steps to make wise choices and soon you will see the light in your dark situation.

Hard times are inspiring and teach you many values and life lessons. Years later, you will always remember the adversity that you faced and the strength and resilience that came out of this adversity. Look  out for silver lining in your dark cloud. Having a positive outlook will always change things in your favour.

Get support from close family and trusted friends.

In times of necessity reach out to your family and friends for help. Many people step in and help only when asked, as they do not want to offend anyone. So it is fine if you need some help.  For e.g. If you are having health issues, reach out to your social groups or counselors who can guide you. If you need assistance for any financial help, reach out to your family who can help you.

Do not assume things in advance but just reach out and ask. At the most you will receive “No” as an answer, but that is fine – at least you reached out and asked for help.

Also, let us understand some of the most difficult situations in life-

  1. An untimely death of a loved one.
  2. Changing jobs and moving to a new city for work.
  3. Overcoming family and friendship breakups in relationships.
  4. Sudden injury and the long recovery process. Sometimes the injury can be permanent.
  5. Health issues and sickness.
  6. Financial problems.
  7. Taking risks with regards to new businesses, starting a family, career break, sabbatical or simply following your dreams.
  8. Getting older also becomes challenging for many people.

There are many other difficult situations in our lives. All these situations cannot be listed out here but we all go through them.

Sometimes we also face difficult situations because of our own choices like faith, parenting and other issues. We would like to encourage you to be brave and face these difficult situations, for there is always sunrise at the end of the deep dark night.

Hope you liked this article Steps To Overcome Depression. Please read our earlier article How to build confidence and live without fear


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