Starting a Diet

In this article we talk about the things a working woman should understand while Starting a Diet.

We have to understand the most important question as to Why are we fat? Some researchers in the west have found out that people with high insulin levels have more difficulty in losing weight than people with low insulin levels. When people don’t eat right, the body automatically needs to make adjustments to digest more sugar and unnatural ingredients consumed.This information is very important while Starting A Diet.

The only way the body can adjust is to produce more insulin. Once the body releases insulin, it is unable to burn fat. So the important thing to learn from this is to eat the right foods and produce low level of insulin which further leads to burning of fat. The important questions we should ask our selves while Starting A Diet are shown below.

Currently there is so much of information about losing weight that it is quite confusing and contradicting.

But remember that everybody is different and ideally should have different approaches towards weight loss. There are various different reasons of obesity including addiction to food, little exercise or physical activity, stress or lack of knowledge of foods to be consumed.
There are no secrets to losing weight except a focused approach,dedication and discipline. Most of the diet plans won’t work for you  if there is no commitment or discipline. Most of the time you lose weight, only to gain more weight right after you stop dieting. So if you need to lose weight then you need to change your lifestyle,eating habits and your approach.

How to Start a Diet
1. How did you get fat

You need to sit back and think about your eating habits. Like for e.g. many of us ate more junk food than we wished to, portion size was big, uncontrolled eating of things you like, no conscious effort to eat right foods, taking it easy as if these calories were not going to show up on your body, eating ready cook meals, your body metabolism, over  consumption of trans  and saturated fats.

Remember your body does not determine the type or amount of calories you eat,it only gauges the amount of food you put in and everything extra is stored as fat in your body.Only you can control what kind of foods you eat and the amount of food you eat.

2. What is the right diet
Losing weight is directly connected to what you eat. Eating right foods to boost your metabolism and turning your body into a fat burning machine. Everything you put in your mouth will either burn fat or store fat. When you eat foods, these are broken down in your stomach and digested. The digested part is used by the body. Most of the junk or unhealthy foods are stored as fat in your body. When you eat healthy, you feel healthy.

Remember eating healthy is all about a choice you make.  For can choose to have a Vada-pav or have a bowl of fresh fruits and nuts. Remember one is going to harm your body while the other will detoxify your body. Though initially you might feel deprived of pleasure but in the long run you are at peace of mind because you know you have taken the right steps to take care of your body.
So friends the key is to understand your body and take steps to cultivate a healthy lifestyle rather than going in for short term diets. Make a permanent change in the way you look at food and this will go a long way in losing weight.

Hope you enjoyed this article Starting a Diet.

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