Solo Travel Tips

Solo Travel Tips

In today’s world, women travel alone for business or for pleasure. Many women are financially independent and want to take individual journeys that interests them. In view of the same, we find that many tourist destinations have started giving specific tips for solo women travellers. In this article, we talk about Solo Travel Tips.

Many a time, solo women travelers have faced unwanted and difficult situations, which could have been clearly avoided had they taken adequate precautions. In this article we will cover some of the Solo Travel Tips you should keen in mind while travelling alone.

Solo Travel Tips

1. Always do your research about the travel destination.

There are reputed travel portals like TripAdvisor, MakeMyTrip, Yatra etc., which offer travellers reviews about hotels and places.

Ensure that you stay in hotels that have more than 80% to 90% good traveller reviews, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. These portals offer travel tips on what to see and how to go about planning your journey. All these tips can be of great help while making your travel plans.

2. Keep your family informed about your detailed itinerary.

It is important that you keep your close family informed about your day-wise itinerary. They should be aware of where you are travelling and how they can get in touch with you, in case of an emergency.

Take a local SIM card and ensure that you are able to connect with your family easily. Also carry a hard copy of your complete itinerary alongwith all the Hotel names, Phone numbers and emergency family contact numbers.

3. Try making a local friend.

A local friend through a known person’s reference will be a good starting point to explore the destination. Try taking tips from the female hotel staff, to know the areas to visit and the areas to avoid.

4. Keep a backup of all your travel documents.

Keep a Xerox of your visa, passport, tickets, travel insurance and other travel documents. You can also take pictures and store them in your phone for any emergency use.

5. Try to be safe by taking travel Insurance.

Sometimes you may experience some unexpected costs that can be heavy on your budget. It is advisable to take travel insurance that covers your health, lost baggage, trip cancellations, delays or any other accidents.

6. Always travel light.

Travelling light with less amount of baggage can be a good thing from a safety perspective. It will help you move fast and avoid unwanted attention.

7. Avoid keeping your money in one place.

Always keep some cash in hand, some money in travel vouchers and some money in the hotel safe room. In case of being robbed, you will still have some money for your use.

8. Try to dress normally like the locals, to avoid unwanted attention.

It is a good strategy to dress like locals so that you do not attract any unwanted attention, which is usually the main cause of harassment or trouble.

9. Avoid disclosing to anyone your solo travel plans.

When you are out exploring the city or even in the hotel, avoid disclosing or making conversation about your solo travel plans.

10. Be careful of the mode of travel like the taxi etc.

Always ensure that you book car rentals and taxis from trusted sources which have good reviews. Always keep your Hotel address written with you, if you don’t understand the local language. Also, you can keep your Hotel informed about your travel plans with the car number and other details. Click a picture of your car numbers before getting into the car.

Avoid taking the road journey at night. Do not take short routes which are lonely. In case you are reaching at night, ensure that you get a private transfer (ideally booked by the hotel) to pick you up and bring you to the Hotel. In bus and trains, sit close to the front and also near other women.

11. Carry your bags and belonging even when using the toilets.

Do not leave your bags outside or ask someone to keep an eye on them, as you are bound to be robbed.

12. Keep Google maps on.

You can use technology to your advantage by keeping Google maps on to know whether you are on the right route.

13. Be assertive and say NO.

If someone tries to pester you for a meal or tries to help you even without asking for help, be clear and assertive in saying NO. Do not be afraid to say No, as you are only being cautious and safe.

Always trust your instincts as you will know who is good and who is not. Keep away from strangers and at the same time avoid drinking alcohol and having a conversation with strangers.

These are the Top 13 Travel and Safety tips for Solo Women Travellers. It is good to enjoy and live your dreams and explore beautiful places. At the same time taking some basic precautions will always keep you safe and make our journey more enjoyable.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article on Solo Travel Tips. Please read our earlier article Top 9 Money saving tips for budget travel

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